First and foremost, I want to thank you for being a valued business partner. You are a top priority for us at Cisco and an extension of our sales team. If you’re attending Cisco’s Partner Summit event in Las Vegas this week, our goal is for you to gain valuable insight into new opportunities that will help your organizations increase margins, create new services offerings and expand your footprint with customers. As the mobility landscape continues to evolve, these opportunities are everywhere and we are constantly striving to open new doors for you to engage with existing and new customers.

Think about the customers you supported 10-15 years ago. IT was probably your first and only stop, whether it was the network IT administrator, CIO or CTO. If you take a closer look, all of this is changing. The customers you’re selling to today (and tomorrow) are situated all over different lines-of-business (LoB) within the organization – from the marketing department to the C-Level – because businesses are realizing that a wireless network affects more than just connectivity, it can also impact business outcomes. We want to help you sell into the chief marketing officer, marketing and advertising, sales and operations executives and the chief digital officer, or whoever it may be that will take you and your organization to the next level.

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The network is the lifeblood for your customers and their deployments. It’s probably also the basis of your communications and how you are likely doing your job today (and reading this post) from a mobile device – maybe multiple devices. If you study what is happening in your customers’ environments, you’ll see that mobile devices are consuming more and more data, and the network has to support these devices. To the user, it shouldn’t matter how their devices are connected – whether Wi-Fi or cellular. Beyond Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is this era of apps (BYOA).

How can you help your LoB customers reach new audiences and improve communications with customers they already have? We are architecting solutions that give you the ability to:

  • Help your customers’ transition to the next-generation wireless standard (802.11ac) and achieve Gigabit Wi-Fi, enabling them to provide seamless indoor connectivity across both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. This evolution is parallel to the transition in the wired industry, and our partners have a real opportunity to drive this next movement.
  • Offer new mobile app solutions so your customer can build on top of the network to personalize services and create new experiences for their employees and end-users (the consumers), bringing immediate business outcome based on contextual and awareness gleaned from the infrastructure.
  • Capitalize and expand on the 80 percent of Cisco mobile solutions being sold through the channel.

At Partner Summit, I will share the blueprint to “up-level” your message to the right customer executives and focus on how you can increase your revenue. We are rolling out new solutions and enhanced capabilities today to help you achieve these goals and deliver what your customers need to move their organizations forward, which include:

While I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we transition to Gigabit Wi-Fi and the new capabilities we have with Connected Mobile Experience (CMX), another compelling piece is our new EMSP software.

The advancement of the “Internet of Everything” is generating the next wave of mobile applications that combines big data and sensory networks to create a very targeted, personalized and non-invasive way to improve client experiences.

With wireless infrastructure in place, EMSP gives your customers the option to build customized mobile applications with minimal time and effort, allowing them to create new and personal experiences for their employees and their customers. Many of your IT customers may be challenged with “keeping the lights on,” which is holding them back from rolling out more applications and services that make an impact on their businesses’ bottom line. These customers simply don’t have time in-house to develop all the new mobility solutions they wish they could. This new solution breaks down those barriers and gives you, our partners, a new channel to sell new service offerings and provide customers with a way to create customized mobile applications to garner tangible business benefits. We’re moving from BYOD to Bring Your Own App (BYOA).

We look forward to showing you how these offerings create a win-win for everyone. We are excited about seeing you in Las Vegas this week and to celebrate our successes together throughout the year.

Share your success with us via the comments section below. We want to hear more about how you’re helping your customers achieve their goals!



Sujai Hajela

Senior Vice President,

Enterprise Networking Group