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Cisco Channels Social Media Spotlight: Your Questions Answered

- April 6, 2011 - 0 Comments

Since starting my role in Cisco Channels social media some three years ago, I’ve been asked a lot of questions: “What video camera should I buy?” “Who do you like to follow on Twitter?” “Who does your hair?” (OK, no one’s actually asked me the last question, but drop me a note in the comments if you really want to know.)

But the most commonly asked questions that I hear over and over are: How do I get started with social media, what are the best tools to use, and how do I engage more customers? Well, in the interest of helping Cisco partners around the globe achieve resounding social media success, I’m happy to announce our new Channels blog series: Social Media Spotlight!

In this series, my fellow Channels blogger Kalpana Ettenson and I will be addressing any and all social media questions that you have. For starters, we want you to post your most burning social media questions in the comments below so we can address them in upcoming blog posts.

And we also have a few topics planned based on questions we’ve gotten in the past…

Blogging: We’ll look at how to get started, what you should write about, and offer writing tips and tricks.

Twitter: We’ll discuss how to get started using Twitter, how to craft the perfect tweet, and how to increase your tweeting fluency.

Facebook: We’ll show you how to use cool applications on your Facebook fan page, how to best use Facebook to reach and engage customers, and we’ll also address privacy concerns.

Video: We’ll look at how to create and use video on your website to maximize your company’s message.

Social media for customer service: We’ll look at ways to track customer feedback, tools to help monitor discussions, and tips for ensuring your customers have great service.

What other pressing social media questions do you want us to address? Please note your thoughts and suggestions in the comments—we want to make this series all about you!

And is your company actively engaged in social media? Drop us a line—we’d love to feature what you’re working on here on the blog.


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