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Built for the Network: Built by Cisco Partners

- January 30, 2012 - 0 Comments

Before we could write, film videos, watch TV, or tweet, stories served as the way to share information and convey data.

But even in the digital age with information coming at us from every angle every second, it’s the power of stories that compel us to buy, that make our customers  trust us, and it’s how the best marketers convey information.

Cisco’s new Built for the Network campaign is helping us to reach out to customers through videos and success stories that we’re currently rolling out via television, print, digital, mobile and social media. These stories showcase the power of Cisco and its partners and we want to ensure that you have the tools to spread the word, through this and your own campaigns. I would also like you to participate and will show you how.

First, watch the most recently launched commercial.

Keep reading for details on how to participate in the campaign and reach more customers. (It could be your business featured in an upcoming commercial or video.)

Though network plumbing may not be sexy,  it  means customers can solve important and strategic business challenges and truly innovate. The purpose of this campaign is, not only to tell  compelling stories, but to convey to customers that Cisco and its partner ecosystem are here to build the intelligent network that can make such innovation happen.

Whether it’s rebooting cities to be more sustainable and energy efficient, enabling customers to shop and try on clothes from home, or enabling factory assembly lines to recover without a single cent of lost time or revenue,  Cisco’s Intelligent Network is what makes these amazing feats possible.

A key part in a dialogue with customers is to create a linkage between the Business CXO imperatives and the key CIO/CTO care-abouts, which are the hot-button IT issues many of them face as they built out their IT strategy, especially when it comes to cloud.

Cisco is supporting partners through the evolution of the cloud story with a set of cloud capabilities CloudVerse, which was announced in December. But to increase your selling power and the power of your marketing, we’ll be giving partners access to marketing, messaging, demand generation, and customer assets that will help you in positioning the CloudVerse to customers.

In the coming weeks, look for announcements on this blog and Cisco Partner Marketing Central  as Cisco begins to stream out key Cloud assets for partner use. Data Deluge will be the next CIO-focused campaign to come  in the spring, followed later in the year by the Multiple Devices campaign.

Let us know if you have success stories you’d like to share by dropping me a line on Twitter or by simply posting your comments below.

For details and to get started with your own marketing stories, visit the Cisco Partner Marketing Central site.


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