In a year of so much unpredictability and uncertainty, there’s something coming soon that I’m really looking forward to. Not because it’s a reminder of what is reliable, constructive, and constant year after year, but because it marks an important occasion for Cisco and our partners. If you haven’t guessed by now, of course I’m talking about Partner Summit!

This year marks a special Partner Summit as we will be moving to an all-digital format, which allows us to include more partners than ever before. Of course, I will miss all the personal interactions, the hallway conversations, and the parties (always the fun part!), but I’m confident that Partner Summit Digital will be every bit as special, entertaining, and informative as it has always been.

This year’s theme couldn’t be more appropriate: Future Ready. In some ways, our theme reflects how we have always stayed relevant in the ever-changing technology landscape. But never before have we faced so much uncertainty and change. Couple this with our customers’ evolving needs, their new ways of working and the growing adoption of cloud, automation, and the security to protect all of it and you begin to appreciate the significance of what Future Ready means. It’s about being prepared for tomorrow, next month, next year, and beyond.

This year’s digital format enables us to expand our program to all registered Cisco partners and still offer the executive insights, rich content and special guests that are the hallmarks of our premiere partner event. All with the goal of helping you succeed and ensuring your continued growth and profitability.

Partner Summit Digital registration is now open and I’m looking for to having our partners join us for what promises to be an incredible event.