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Are Your Social Media Efforts ‘Hit and Miss?’

- October 22, 2012 - 0 Comments

I’ve been on a mission to determine exactly what keeps you up at night, and I think I’ve got it (at least one of the things).

When Cisco partners speak candidly about their marketing efforts prior to being nominated for Cisco mConcierge, I often hear the same words or phrases over and over. Reactive. Scattered. Hit and miss.  Hardly the harbingers of success. Can you imagine your resume? “At ABC Technology, I was responsible for 89 percent of our reactive marketing, 35 percent of our scattered leads, and would say that my overall performance was very hit and miss.”

But I understand. The problem is you likely don’t have time to be marketing experts. We find that our partners are usually wearing way too many hats as it is. The good news is that the mConcierge consultants do have the time—it’s their job.

Partners who participate in mConcierge receive one-on-one assistance with developing better integrated marketing plans, and even help with executing them in a more consistent fashion, through a marketing automation platform.

One of the areas that seems to be difficult for partners to both implement, and sustain, is social media. To address this growing issue, mConcierge built a 12-week Social Media Series that includes:

  • Education: Weekly video tutorials outlining exactly how partners can use social media to raise awareness, promote thought leadership, and generate leads and new business
  • Action: Weekly social media copy, on a variety of technology and industry topics, delivered via social media automation to your customers, on your behalf

For a preview of what you can expect from the Social Media Series tutorials, watch this video about LinkedIn.

In fact, now that I think about it social media automation might even be the antidote for “hit and miss” marketing—at least as it relates to social media. Who has time to ensure they’re consistently tweeting relevant business topics, or posting news stories tied to larger campaigns (a.k.a. integrated marketing) to their Data Center customers every Thursday at 12:00 PM PST? News Flash: With social media automation, it’s easy.

This activity happens automatically for mConcierge nominated partners signed up for the social media service. In fact, more than 70 partners have completed the training and are making contact with their customers via Twitter and LinkedIn, sometimes on a daily basis.

Are you taking advantage of social media automation? If so, what tools are you using?  If not, inquire about participating in mConcierge. Just ask your Cisco Account Manager for more information, or submit a request.



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