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Are you Ready to Help Your Customers Define a Workspace Strategy? VXI Can Help!

October 2, 2012 - 1 Comment

The care-abouts of our customers at both the business leader (CEO, CIO) and IT decision maker levels create interesting dynamics, triggered by a simple statement from employees: “Make me more productive using my personal choice of device.”

Beyond this initial conversation, CxO’s are looking at building a comprehensive workspace strategy, where user expectations centered on flexible work styles and collaborative services meet IT’s ability to be compliant, secure, and cost optimized. Current application virtualization deployments, call it cloud, are fuelling the urgency around defining, agreeing, delivering, and controlling a Unified Workspace strategy.

What are you, our partners, telling us?

  • Help us win business in a scalable and pilot friendly model–one that delivers business impact quickly.
  • How can we accelerate opportunities?
  • With change in workspace services comes risk for our customers. How can we de-risk this environment?
  • This is a multi-vendor solution with integrated Cisco cross-architecture components! Help us simplify our go to market!

Our response is Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) Smart Solution, a key component of EVERY customers’ evaluation of adopting new services in the workspace. Combining virtual desktop services, virtualizing business applications delivery, and collaborative services on top of this enable new levels of productivity and ultimately accelerate growth.
With the launch of VXI 2.6, see new release, Cisco is continuing to deliver on the unified workspace strategy as noted in a blog by Phil Sherburne, VP Smart Solutions Engineering.  For our partners, I see three unique elements to consider:

  • Capability:  An evolved Cisco Validated Design with increasing levels of capabilities and unmatched set of eco-system market leaders. All together in a pre-tested and documented design to allow you to be confident in de-risking the customers’ change!
  • Proof:  We remain committed to helping you differentiate with VXI. For Cisco Partners, we launched VXI Solution Accelerator, an industry unique, multi-vendor supported and executed framework. The objective: simplify your Go To Market, invest in your capabilities, and accelerate your sales.
  • Impact:  No need for trade-offs between vision versus selling. Cisco VXI 2.6 offers multiple entry points into your customers’ journies–from optimizing the Data Center, simplifying operations, and providing a consistent story around Jabber and collaborative services to scaling into remote users and cost-reduction opportunities to name a few.

What can you do now?

Register now to attend the upcoming Design Zone webcasts to learn more about the VXI 2.6 release:

When customers ask about a workspace strategy, you can be ready with Cisco.

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  1. …I agree that Cisco provides the Capability, Proof and Impact tools in, defining, agreeing, delivering, and controlling a Unified Workspace strategy…