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World’s Most Interesting Intern Farewell Rap

August 26, 2010 - 16 Comments

This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. – Winston Churchill

As the balmy days of summer give way to crisp autumn mornings, I say to you, good friends, ‘Farewell.’ The summer has flown by – interning with the Cisco Social Media team has been quite the adventure. At this point, my intern video blog has received over 122,000 YouTube views, thanks to more than 1200 Tweets and 1700 Facebook shares. The first video has been viewed over 37,000 times right here on The Platform blog. In Q4 (which runs from mid-May to the end of July), total visitors to The Platform blog increased by 34%. Great stuff. 

Thanks to write-ups in the Wall Street JournalMashableB2B, and beyond, the vlog series has been able to generate some positive buzz as well as an impressive amount of engagement, as other interns, Cisco and non-Cisco alike, sent in video responses from all across the globe. Big props to all the equally interesting interns out there (my claim to be ‘the most interesting’ has, of course, been tongue-in-cheek : ), and a BIG, big thank you to everyone who spread the good word about these vids! I never made it to The Colbert Report…but things are just getting started. If you’d like to keep hanging out, I’ll be on Twitter @GregJustice furthering my quest to live an interesting life. Happy Summer – thanks for stopping by!

And one last response from yet another interesting intern:


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  1. The subject of a wonderful witness to the video and I liked many

  2. That is awesome, it really looks like a great place to work... not many people would participate in a video such as this from other companies.

  3. Nice post and cool videos, thanks.

  4. Thanks for sharing nice video.I like to see.

  5. And who said that the white guys cant rap:). I was enjoy watching those movies while sitting in my ergonomic desk chair:). Thx for this few minutes of great fun:)

  6. Hi, Greg it's been fun following U this summer. I hope U keep posting raps online. Good luck in the future. Rap greatings from Denmark

  7. Great way to go out with a onesy and an ergonomic desk chair. What a great way to get people interested in Cisco, with a rap, who would have thought?

  8. Fantastic stuff - it's been great watching. Thanks and good luck!

  9. HAHA! what a way to go out! thanks for sharing.

  10. My boy from Australia"". Love it! ""You're gonna miss my chest hair"". Too funny."

  11. I am a big rap fan, And this one is great, good luck Greg!

  12. Nice post and good videos, Thanks Greg!

  13. hehe @ winston quote.Hey, thanks for sharing your intern experience - I found the time to take a peep at a your blog here and there....seems like you have a great ride. All the best with your future endeavors.

  14. This is awesome..Thanks for sharing:))

  15. Nice one Greg! Good luck with your final year

  16. super, I love rap,