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With Technology, We are Limited Only by our Imagination

March 15, 2010 - 11 Comments

Last week was an exciting time for Cisco in India. Our Chairman and CEO, John Chambers was in Bangalore and New Delhi meeting employees, customers and senior government leaders. One theme that resonated with the audience was how technology could transform the two critical areas of education and healthcare. Today, nine out of ten children under the age of 15 live in emerging countries. This presents all of us with a great opportunity and challenge – how do we embrace new business models to deliver key services to these leaders of tomorrow?

Collaborative technologies and broadband access have the potential to transform the delivery of high quality education and healthcare services. While giving the keynote address at the India Today Conclave, John got everyone’s attention when he suggested that with the right approach perhaps technology could enable education services be delivered to children at a cost of $1 per month. The unmet needs of millions of people around the world can only be solved through technology, and Cisco is well positioned to deliver transformational solutions that are sustainable and scalable anywhere in the world.

I remember I was 14 when I got our first TV at home; I first flew on a plane when I was 20; got my first cell phone at 30; I was 40 when I got my first VPN connection and I had my first TelePresence experience when I was 50. Who would have predicted technology would evolve so quickly and enrich our lives?

As for what will be next, we are limited only by our imagination.

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  1. It's truly amazing how quickly things change. The idea of education costing only $1 a month is very exciting.

  2. Our future looks brighter with the imagination, creativity, support and technology of Cisco team members. Thanks Cisco!

  3. I entirely agree, he right approach perhaps technology could enable education services be delivered to children at a cost of $1 per month.""If not so less then atleas they can afford it."

  4. this is so true !The advancement of cisco's technology over the last 3 years has helped me immensely.Keep it up cicso and i know the next few years are going to be interesting !Chris YatesCoventry, UK

  5. hmm.. Im from Pakistan.. whenever it comes to real time communication always cisco comes into my mind. by so sad its still not available in Pakistan :(I hope they will also start here..

  6. India is the best market in the world now. People in india likely to use new technology and ready to pay any cost, if it worth. About Technology, its just the begining. Real techonology is ahead. Nano Technology is the revolution but we will see the real technology when we are ready to use pico techonology.

  7. I am really impressed that Cisco is equally dedicated to human welfare in addition to promoting their business. This would not only help them to build more credibility in India, but will also help the education and health care sector of India.

  8. I truly believe given the right priority and support,technology and the internet will transform lives and change the way we learn and live.

  9. Large bandwidth broadband will be essential part of the near future, something that Cisco equipements and solutions provides very well.And can you even imagine what technologic experiences the new generations will make part of ? I think deep interaction (neural ?!) virtual worlds will be one of them, hope can make part of it.

  10. Technology is definitely a poverty killer. We are going to need all of the good doctors and engineers we can get.

  11. Very true. It is amazing to see how quickly technology evolves and changes the very way we live. It will be interesting to see what impact 3DTV technology has over the coming couple of years on the way we consume media.