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Win a Christmas Face-to-Face with Your Mates, without Travelling Place-to-Place

- November 26, 2009 - 21 Comments

Have mates living in Australia or New Zealand that you’d like to sit across the table and catch up with face-to-face? 

Then encourage them to enter the Cisco Australia/New Zealand “Christmas Connections” Contest by Dec. 6 for a chance to win the first-place prize of Christmas dinner over Cisco TelePresence.  Check out this video to see what this “Christmas in high-definition” experience would be like.


To enter visit

Linda Horiuchi, Sr. PR manager, Cisco ANZ

For news from Cisco in ANZ, please visit

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  1. I loved these places always and your post inspired me to visit these places as soon as i can

  2. Wow that sound great...I'm not disappointed to follow the update from cisco...nice proof of technology

  3. First of all congratulation for your blog. I am hoping your will continue with your good work in future as well.

  4. this would have been awesome! We are in New Zealand and have staff in Australia, Asia and the US. We could have had a combined worldwide Christmas party :)

  5. I watched your video - it's great. Makes me want to go to New Zealand.

  6. This is truly the future of online communication, what a beautiful picture of connectivity!

  7. I found your blog from google and read a few of your other posts.They are incredible. Please keep it up... have a nice day.

  8. The Blog U have written over here is amazing..I enjoyed my christmas very much..Hope 2 see more of ur blog soon...

  9. Love the idea. This is the kind of posts that make me follow the Cisco blog!

  10. I really want to congratulate you for your blog.I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to start my own blog now.

  11. Ja,ja, this is the most strange idea I had seen for a long time!Tele-crhistmas...I thik it could be fun to use it one year,ja,ja!

  12. Realy nice technology, but virtual dinner"" never replaces real."

  13. It is awesome. Yes we will do next time!

  14. Quite an expensive christmas, no ? How do you get to open the gift on the other side of the world next morning ? Fedex ? :-)

  15. It is nice if sometime I can visit New Zealand

  16. I liked the idea without traveling to far from home, meeting our family members. A kind of surprise for the family. Could anyone please tell me, Is this contest available in England.

  17. Very touching video. Cisco are pretty cool.

  18. art - i think you probably need to contact the Mexican consulate...

  19. For a person born in mexico but living since childhood in the US, how does one request a certificed copy of the birth certificate from the state in Mexico? thanks...

  20. It is awesome have Christmas's experience like that! And Cisco make it happen. It is remain me when i was a child, seeing movies with high technology

  21. Are there any plans to bring a similar contest to Canada? I quite like the idea, but I'm on the wrong side of the planet.