Wim’s World Tour: A Look at Markets Around the Globe

December 3, 2008 - 11 Comments

From his home in Bangalore, India via TelePresence, Wim Elfrink, EVP of Cisco Services and Chief Globalisation Officer, talked with News@Cisco’s Peter Shaplen, about the changing world market. Join Wim as he takes a brief tour around the globe.

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  1. Thank you! Video with Wim Elfrink is great! Thank you for this blog!

  2. Nice interview. Wim Elfrink is a great person and thanks for his interview. I guess the whole rapid globalization thing didn’t work out so well

  3. I know the capability of Elfrink and it will come up well in china also

  4. Quite an informative video. Elfrink is right. South east Asia certainly has a huge pie and Singapore is the hub there. The rapidly growing India and China will continue to provide great market.

  5. Thanks for the video. I think they’ll increase in China due to recent ‘G’ news!

  6. I’m glad the West is doing something to help the rural areas of China prosper. Wim is a very clever guy!Regards,Kai

  7. Nice Presentation and rightly said. West and other countries are moving from cities to villages while its opposite in India.

  8. I tend to agree with you.Dubai really took a big cut but Singapur will still lead there.Anyway, nice interview, thank you

  9. Nice Interview. The global meltdown surely brought a hell lot of attention to the international stock markets. Specially Dow Jones. Nice interview, getting views from experts is the best way to think broader and aim for a better financial future.

  10. I disagree with the statement that the hub will move from Singapur. Dubai is already taking a big cut but Singapur will still lead there. As for China and India they will sky rocket. They are already doing this but i think that in the following years it will be just more obvious.

  11. Wim Elfrink, EVP of Cisco Services and Chief Globalisation Officer is a well known person in India. I have read and seen many of his interviews before and this is a great interview.Cisco always believe in quality and I have seen it firsthand.The video is of good quality with dialogue setting light on many important topics. Well done.