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Who is the World’s Most Interesting Intern?

August 19, 2010 - 20 Comments

My penultimate post!! You may have seen my vids, but you probably haven’t read my bio. Fortunately, it is now available in video form:

I will never match the greatness of The World’s Most Interesting Man…but at least you can follow me on Twitter: @GregJustice! I’ll be back next week to wrap up my internship with one last vid. Thank you, thank you for tuning in! And before you get back to those emails, check this fresh intern response (another EMC rapper!?!):


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  1. Wow Funny video!!! thanks .. I like your blog!

  2. Woohooo. He sure looks very happy and i loved the slide

  3. Awesome! It looks like you are very great!

  4. I love the slide!

  5. Good job, it was a good one Greg. It seems that your really enjoying what you do and that's great. Keep it up and post more video :)

  6. Greg, you are awesome! It looks like you are very positive and energetic person. They are happy to have you ;)

  7. Nice job buddy! Are you a 'lifer' at Cisco or will you be moving to Hollywood! lol!

  8. Nice video.I feed the need to slide down the stairs now :-)

  9. I haven't checked these blogs in about a month or two and who do I see on the first post... The most interesting intern. You had me as a friend with your Rapping skillz.

  10. Man you are great. I love this guy and if the intern does not stay on he should get a late night talk show, or at least a a spot on minute to win it"""^0^1^^^0^0 39085^8195^Archaeology Excavations^^^^2010-09-06 05:52:11^2010-09-06 05:52:11^"Respected Sir, First i accepted your great Sovereignty and National Security "" - Posting. I like this informative content. Also i accepted above comments by Charlotte21"

  11. Greg, you need a much bigger horse!

  12. Very funny youtube video. Nice slide down the stairs. I prefer cisco systems too.

  13. LOL! The opening scene with the voice over made me think you were a ventriloquist! Now that would be interesting!Great vid. Keep enjoying what you do, bro!

  14. Greg Justice , This is really cool and lovely, i love the way you present this.

  15. Penultimate? You're almost done? Say it isn't so!

  16. What is that song. It sounds very familiar but I can't put my finger on it.

  17. May be its true..but thanks for this share !

  18. All i can say about your biography is woow! Keep at the good work. Your reader Artur

  19. LoL Greg, u did funny act.. :Dand whats that awesome song you used in there?

  20. the old-school way... I like that!