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What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part 1

June 23, 2007 - 1 Comment

Post by Johanna Fry, Public Relations InternI am a rising senior and public relations major at San Jose State (Go Spartans!). Last week I began my summer internship in the corporate communications department at Cisco headquarters in San Jose. Earlier this week, with over 500 others, I attended the summer kickoff for Cisco interns. Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers was kind enough to be the keynote speaker. He is a dynamic speaker and captured the attention of everyone in the room. The message I left with was,”Cisco is a cool place to be.” Sure, I have only been here two full weeks, but I can attest to that. The internship program at Cisco is a much desired transition into the ‘real world’ for most college students. Besides exceptional work experience, I have an opportunity to network with Cisco communications professionals, other Cisco employees, and interns. I will learn more about Cisco’s technology and how it is useful to large businesses, small businesses and more and more, the consumer.John didn’t need to tell me that Cisco is a cool place to be. When I tell people I am spending my summer vacation at Cisco, the excitement of their response is palpable. I am excited to be here, and frankly it is nice to be envied by those working less cool summer jobs. I’ll update you periodically on my internship and what I’m learning about Cisco. I did think it was cool that the CEO of a $160 billion company would take his time to speak to all of us interns…and I get to tell him that personally at my birthday chat with him next month…I’ll update you on that as well.

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