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What would you do with the world’s most scalable data center fabric?

October 18, 2011 - 8 Comments

For starters, you could download all 250 million photos posted daily on Facebook in 114 seconds or stream 4,500,000 3.5GB Netflix movies simultaneously.

In case you haven’t heard the news, Cisco has announced several new data center innovations today that enable the world’s most scalable data center fabric.But why do data centers need scalability? Today’s data centers span a wide range of requirements– from small and medium businesses to large enterprises, Service Providers, architectures that support cloud computing and specialized applications, like high frequency trading (HFT). Trends such as “Big Data” environments that manage huge data sets and the increase in video data traffic require today’s data centers to scale from a few hundred to several thousand server nodes.

Nexus 7018 Fun Facts

While all of these fun facts are great, stepping back and looking at what this means for our customers is really what it’s all about. So we asked Cisco data center fabric customer RackForce, ICT service provider, what they’d do if they had the most scalable data center fabric. Check out their video response:

You can read about Cisco’s news at:
Cisco Network Innovation Enables the Most Scalable Data Center Fabric on the Planet
Re-defining Fabric Scale: Thinking Beyond the “Box”

Learn more about Cisco’s Unified Fabric on October, 25th at the “Evolutionary Fabric. Revolutionary Scale.” webcast and send us your comments on what you would do with the world’s most scalable data center fabric.

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  3. Well Jessica, I must say that you have written a very interesting article.If what written is possible it, would lead to a new level of internet surfing and computing.I will be looking for more articles on this in future.

  4. I watched a 60 minutes special where Cisco’s owner was featured. Most of what was talked about made sense to me with how he runs his business and I can see data centers as a step in another huge opportunity for the company as a whole.

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  6. Nice post Jessica…I can see a lot of businesses starting with a public cloud option to keep costs down but transitioning to a private cloud when their organizations grow in size and geography and so do their need for dedicated resources…Good to see RackForce provides both private and public option. It may be a good point to know if fast growing businesses can move from a public to private cloud (both managed private and fully private options) if they wanted to…

    By the way, those who have concerns about security on the cloud should check out Gary Kinghorn’s post about ASA1000v Cloud firewall…definitely should let networking and datacenter folks sleep a little better!

  7. Well its quite interesting product by Cisco. Cisco Data Center is going to enhance user experience in virtual , physical and cloud computing environments. I think it is the right time for the launch of such a high storage capacity data center when the number of internet user’s are increasing as well as the volume of data being transmitted over the internet.