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What’s the Power of the Network?

February 8, 2011 - 6 Comments

What do people think of when you say The Network or Networking Technology? What do YOU think? The latter is at the heart of the question we were looking to answer when we created a video from the floor of the 2011 International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. With the help of few industry leaders, musicians and, of course, your everyday talking, walking robot, we gathered some insightful and diverse answers. Then we put the question to our Cisco Facebook community as well as the Networking Academy Facebook crowd. The answers lead us to crown Cisco’s Facebook SuperFan of the month, William Westman Malmi from Umeå, Sweden.

“In one word: Synergy. The power of many is always greater than the power of one, exponentially.”
William Westman Malmi, on The Power of the Network”

What we learned from the wealth of responses…and what we are still learning as we hope to hear from YOU in this blog post…is that the definition and the relevance of the network varies considerably from person to person, depending on perspective. But, regardless of how it is defined, whether it be a social definition or more technical in focus, one thing is certain, everyone has an answer to this question. And, that alone reflects the true Power of the Network.

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  1. for now everything can be power of network, expecially like social enginne …

  2. “The Network” always conjures images of 70’s and 80’s sci-fi novels describing/predicting events similar to what is happening now in the Middle East. The idea of masses being able to instantly share information, document, communicate, etc.

  3. networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing is important to everyone so that can easily communicate with each other.

  4. Well now networking is everything, with millions of pages beings shared on daily basis on updates, no one can possibly do this task even with a brain far brighter then e=mc2 master…networking is just fusion explosion 🙂

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  5. Well said.

    When I heard of “Networking” it comes to my mind the word COMMUNICATION. I believe that Networking is one way of communicating to other people.

    “The power of many is always greater than the power of one, exponentially.” – I love this quote.

  6. The problem is sometimes this power is being abused