Welcome to the New Normal

June 11, 2012 - 3 Comments

The 2012 Olympics are just weeks away and NBCOlympics.com has pledged to live stream every event and sport for the first time ever — more than 3500 total programming hours, all viewable from your tablet or smartphone.

While watching the Olympics, you’ll be able to view instant replays, send highlight videos to your friends, tweet on the latest play action, check stats…in short, enjoy a rich multimedia Olympics experience over the mobile network.

Welcome to the new normal.

Want to control the camera angles as you watch your favorite basketball team? This season, TNT NBA coverage offered viewers command of four different camera angles.

Welcome to the new normal.

Now imagine those same powerful experiences on a continuous and global scale.  2012 marks a milestone. This year, the number of Internet-connected mobile devices will exceed the world’s population. This is a paradigm shift to what we call the “new normal”: millions of people continuously using their mobile lifestyle devices throughout the day as they access and send video, social networks, games, news, email, and browsers – all simultaneously. Definitely not accepting frozen screens, slow feeds, or (speaking from personal experience) kids complaining that their movie/game/show is messing up.

In this new normal, mobile architectures must deliver the increasingly rich experience users expect — not just for the Olympics or NBA, but every day in every environment — while also achieving viable economics.

Truly innovative solutions are needed to thrive in this new mobile world.

Cisco just unveiled the industry’s first elastic architecture for the next-generation mobile Internet. The mainstay of this elastic architecture, the Cisco ASR 5000 Multimedia Core Series, including the ASR 5500, has the ability to stretch and auto-size in response to rapid-fire changes in network demands. (Imagine a million fingers tapping on keypads as the underdog team suddenly moves ahead in the last 30 seconds.) This is the innovation that today’s mobile networks need to thrive in the new normal.

Welcome to the new normal, your way.

It’s an exciting time to be involved with Cisco. Together with our most innovative customers, we are constructing the infrastructure that will transform the human experience for millions!

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