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Welcome to the New Cisco Blogs

October 4, 2010 - 27 Comments

Happy Monday and welcome to the new Cisco blogs! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a new and improved blogging experience. Be sure to check out our new Cisco blog hub page where we highlight content from across all of our blogs. You can now easily get to all of our social properties like Twitter and Facebook via the “Follow Us” widget. Be sure to click on the “More” link to see our newly launch Social@Cisco site where real-time conversations are happening across our blogs, communities, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube properties. Here’s a quick snap shot of some of the major changes to the blog site:

Cisco blog

  • A blog hub page to highlight content across all blogs
  • Expandable social media widget displaying all of Cisco’s social properties
  • New blog directory (view a blurb about each blog without clicking more than once :-))
  • Meet the bloggers! Get to know your favorite blogger and follow their updates via an author-specific RSS feed

This is just the beginning of many more social enhancements to the Cisco blogs. We have some pretty exciting features on the way (surprises are more fun, aren’t they?!) and we hope you’ll stop by again to check them out! In the meantime and in the spirit of our new Together campaign, we’d love to hear your feedback on the new site. Let us know what you think by posting a comment!

In an effort to keep conversations fresh, Cisco Blogs closes comments after 60 days. Please visit the Cisco Blogs hub page for the latest content.


  1. Denna, u have done a very good job..Congrats..
    Very attractive design!!!

  2. Hi! i love the new blog, specially the header. Congratulations.

  3. Good looking, but I have a problem with the fonts color. I have to move my eyes to the screen closely. But overall that’s an attractive design. Good job.

    • Hi Novaria,
      Thanks so much for your feedback! I will pass the information along and see if we can make a change. We want the site to be fully accessible to all 🙂

      Thanks again,

  4. Thanks for the comments! It’s great to hear about the features that readers find most useful. I’ll be sure to share the comments with the rest of the team!

    More to come…

  5. What a really upbeat header!! I love the colors and design as they meld into each other to the next color scheme. Very dynamic and contemporary as well, with the rounded corners being an unexpected but eye-catching beginning!! Deanna, you and your team have done a fantastic job on this project for the Cisco Blog site. It flows smoothly and gets you where you need to go. Keep up the creative and superior work for Cisco!!

  6. Wow, this new site looks great!! I love the fact that you now have a blog “home page”.. it makes it easy to see what’s available to different audiences and allows you to feature blog posts that should get special attention. The overall look and feel is warm and welcoming… And as a designer myself, I appreciate all the special attention to detail and the extras such as the fade transitions, etc. It really makes this site classy, smooth, professional and fun to use. And I especially like that you have a Web Experience blog! CONGRATS TO THE ENTIRE TEAM!! GO CISCO!! 🙂

  7. Great work Deanna and team. This looks great and I love the blog posts at a glance!

  8. Congratulations..

  9. Thanks so much for all the feedback regarding the new blog site! I have to give kudos to everyone involved as this was a huge team effort! Thanks for taking the time to post a comment! This is exactly what gets me excited about Cisco’s new “Together we are the human network” campaign… bringing people together through authentic human interactions. As you can see reflected throughout the blog as well as on, Cisco’s new brand campaign is transforming to become more creative and inspiring. We believe that a richer and deeper experience of being together can be achieved through the power of networked video. (Stay tuned for my video blogs!)

    As I mentioned, we have more enhancements planned and I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date as we roll out new features.

    Keep the feedback coming and please note that we are still refining portions of the site. Let me know if you find any issues.


  10. Cool Design,Easily Visable contents and nice pic.Like to see the new look of blog.

  11. Oooh real nice. Silky smooth! Top shelf design. Good work!!!

  12. This looks fantastic!! Love the design. Very modern. Great job Deanna and the rest of the team! woohoo!

  13. WOW, terrific. Deanna, I’m very impressed with this. Cisco’s got to love it. Hey EtherealMind, I don’t agree, as they do match nicely. Based on all the comments you’re out numbered. Keep up the great work cisco blog team.

  14. Blog directory is harder to find. You have some problems with content. Choose “web exeperience” blog, and then “read more” or click title in first post. You will see “Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Mirek. We are aware of the issue with the post, right now any posts that contain a period “.” are breaking, we are working to fix this asap.


  15. Well done – WP platform is the way to go. @ethereal, one man’s cheese is another man’s Gouda + the right nav is no busier than any mainstream blogazine. The UI & functionality remind me of this Einstein quote: “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

  16. The site looks great, well done Deanna & team!

  17. WOW – great job Cisco! I love the social media integration – it’s everywhere – just how I like it! And the Blog Directory is awesome – it really shows the breadth of Cisco’s social media efforts. This is truly a great representation of how much information flows in, and out – with one main source.

  18. Very nice site, well designed and superbly built

  19. It works and that’s what counts, right? We actually look to model a lot of what we do on the web after Cisco. I think the biggest thing is that the infrastructure works. And it does… well. Colors are a matter of taste and each has their own. The new Cisco website and the ‘Together’ campaign is simply beautiful.

  20. I’d love to have a template like this …

  21. I prefer the look in the header, abstract and dynamic ..

  22. I love the way it looks, the “blog directory” feature is really great. Smooth design, very nice!

  23. Oh dear. 1960’s cheesy wallpaper at the top, overly cluttered sidebar, colours don’t match, and too many rounded corners.

    Overall, whoever was working with the designers has no taste to know what looks good or bad.

    sigh. This isn’t the Cisco that I know.