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Volunteering on Steroids

Walking among more than 25 Bay Area-based nonprofit organizations at a Volunteer Fair at Cisco headquarters, I was struck by the dedication and enthusiasm of the nearly 900 Cisco employees who took time to learn how to get involved in their local community.  In addition to meeting with representatives from nonprofit organizations who focus on education, homelessness, hunger and the environment, California State Secretary of Service and Volunteering, Karen Baker, addressed the crowd and remarked on Cisco’s 360 degree approach to volunteering or “doing volunteering on steroids.” 

It’s this culture of stepping up to offer support and the dedication of employees that keeps Cisco ticking.  The nonprofits who participated in the first Cisco Volunteer Fair include:


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  1. Thanks Cisco for your leadership in this area! You can't go wrong giving back to the community in this way. Thanks Robyn for the update.

  2. I wish more companies would have the same initiative. In fact I believe that volunteering should be... ermm.. well... mandatory.

  3. Way to go Cisco. Volunteering is such an important part of life, yet not that many people do it. From my experience, many people would like to volunteer but don't know where to start. I was amazed at how certain organizations do not know how to treat and maintain their volunteers. Having your work place sponsor and encourage volunteer work can be the 'tipping point' that makes it possible and accessible

  4. It is great to see so many people that are happy to put themselves out of their way to volunteer. Credit must also to go to Cisco as an employer for encouranging an atmosphere that brings out the best in their staff. Things are a bit glum at our place at the moment so it is nice to hear some positive news.

  5. It's great to read articles/posts that focus on the good that people are doing for one another as apposed the the harm that people are causing one another. If we spent more time on the good I believe that even more would follow.

  6. I love seeing this kind of community love. Let the good Karma Role....

  7. I think it is great that Cisco encourages and supports employee volunteerism through flexible working arrangements,I also think the incentives are a good idea.

  8. Nice work to those people who got involed.This should be done with other companies as well.What a great idea!

  9. This is great to see a big company help out and donate their time and efforts to encourage the employees to get involved. It's an awesome work Cisco!

  10. This is miles above a simple donation to an organized collection of charities. And I believe that, as we volunteer, we learn. Thanks for such an inspiring story!

  11. The one and only reason I ever wished I worked at a large corporation was because of things like this. Small, family-owned businesses never get involved and do cool stuff.

  12. It's always great to see corporations being involved in community support and activities. Even more so when the employees get involved also.Great stuff Cisco!!

  13. I'm very glad to know that Cisco employees were given such an opportunities to learn how to get involved in local community. Like Adam said above, volunteering is great when it is especially for non-profit organizations. The attached video of this article inspired me a lot.

  14. I sincerely believe that at this time, when the USA has faced such a high degree of difficulties, that many people are realizing that we are all connected. It is especially gratifying to see a company take this stance as well.

  15. Hi I think this is a great idea. More companies should do this.Let me know if I can help at all.

  16. In a world where big business is focused solely on profits at the expense of everything else, it is great to see one large company doing something like this!

  17. I was there and it was a great experience. Everybody can benefit from this kind of volunteer work.

  18. I just visited San Francisco and was very impressed with the people. To see Cisco making such wonderful efforts in this arena sends a message to other large companies as well.I remember working with Washington Mutual many years ago and they were very similar in their efforts to help the communities.

  19. I have participated in the march of dimes before. It is really a great organization from top to bottom. It is good to see you guys support it, and to be a organization that values giving back.

  20. It's great to know how Cisco employees are given opportunities to do their share in helping their communities.Blessings:)

  21. It was a great event with an overwhelming turnout of employees. So inspiring to feel the energy in the room!

  22. I have been volunteering for years, and I'm so happy to see big companies like Cisco get involved with the community and play a huge part, even on a weak economy. Great work guys!

  23. Thanks for this. It's good to know that in these times of economic troubles, a successful company like Cisco is doing things, even at the community level.

  24. I was once a part of two nonprofit organizations: one was about children abuse, the other was involved in all kind of actions for drugs prevention.The second one was a great challenge while we were going through schools, pubs, libraries and all kind of places where teens gather and we were doing a continuous anti-drugs campaign. A lot of them were already into this problem so we even faced some negative responses coming from them. Also, visits to rehab centers were like from horror movies,I cannot imagine something more humiliating and rough.Kudos to all volunteers involved in this kind of actions, keep up this good work.

  25. Most companies can't get employees to give up their time, because most companies are filled with unhappy employees. I was at church last week and the paster asked who needed encouragement in their job. Almost everybody raised their hand! It just shows you how low satisfaction numbers at work affect not only productivity but corporate culture.

  26. It's great that you provide and environment like this and encourage the employees to get involved.Big ups to Cisco!Sean

  27. This is very cool to see a big company help out and donate their time and efforts. Thanks for the awesome work Cicso!

  28. Volunteering is great, especially when it is for a worthy cause. I think it is great that so many employees took time to do this great deed.

  29. That's a really cool way to get involved. Part of my college curriculum is to start a community project. I wish I had thought of a volunteer fair to get more volunteers to good causes!