VIDEO: Keith Goodwin on Importance of Channel

January 28, 2009 - 4 Comments

The channel is now viewed as a leading organization within most technology corporations. In addition, the channel industry has emerged from a fulfillment and enablement engine to one that leads customers to their next phase of productivity and growth — acting as a trusted advisor to IT and business professionals alike. Despite its elevated profile, the ingredients of a successful channel go-to-market strategy remain a mystery. According to Keith Goodwin, senior vice president of Worldwide Channels, there are three key elements of Cisco’s industry-leading channel philosophy: partner profitability, listening to partners and leading market transitions.

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  1. I would agree that those are pretty much the three key elements needed, especially the listening to the partner bit.

  2. These sound like three good ingredients although I feel that they probably emphasize partner profitability which is good. This is the best way to operate a channel strategy in my opinion.

  3. I liked the way Mr. Goodwin explain the three pillars of channels. first one was very much inline with the concept, however the second one which is related to listening to partners seems relatively not wise since we speak out about us and that time channels did not listen to us and surprising our partnership was terminated time and again and then yesterday we were decommissioned by the channels team once for all. Cisco channels always listen to people who are employed by the Cisco and i have not yet seen channels listening to Partners. I ams sure that this comment would not be posted nor no one from cisco would come back to us…..

  4. I’m sorry, but they didn’t follow his words. First, the don’t listen to the partners and I know it very good. I’m working since more than 10 years together with Cisco and other companies and to grow the Cisco business is the only important thing.Furthermore Ethic is not so important for Cisco. In Germany the authorities are investigating against Cisco, a woman who dealt with drugs is working for the company in Peru. So finally, that’s are just nice words.And to be honestly….. probably they suppress my comment.Regards