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Video: Cisco CEO at Interop

- May 24, 2007 - 0 Comments

The beauty of blogs and the web overall is that crosslinking and sharing of information is just so darn easy. We get the information that we want PUSHED to us, rather than having to scan actual, physical, ink-stained papers. We don’t get ink on our hands, therefore we don’t need to wash our hands as much. We waste less water, we put less soap into the environment. RSS and feeders, therefore save the environment!!! Productivity, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ensues. Everyone wins.With that in mind, I would like to draw your attention to some videos posted by ZDNet’s Between the Lines blog from Interop. This is Dan Farber’s and Larry Dignan’s blog (also featuring David Berlind) and is a must read for those of us in the technology space.Video: The Gospel According To John Chambers By: Dan Farber“At the Interop conference in Las Vegas, Cisco CEO John Chambers talks about the need for businesses to increase productivity by implementing Web 2.0 tools such as wikis, mashups, and virtual conferencing. He also explains how Cisco used Web 2.0 principles in its $7 billion acquisition of Scientific Atlanta.”Also: Cisco mixes it up with Interop mashupVideo “Cisco CEO Demos New TelePresence App“”At the Interop conference in Las Vegas, Cisco CEO John Chambers demos the company’s new Unified Communications platform. Combining telepresence and mapping technologies, the mashup allows users to identify and then locate an individual over a network.”

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