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Video in the Cloud

February 7, 2012 - 7 Comments

The projected growth of Internet video is significant. Today, Internet video accounts for more than 50 percent of consumer Internet traffic. The explosion of video traffic across many devices, and the need to access content from anywhere at any time is driving the need for cloud-based networks and the popular applications and content they support.

Cloud-based networks can offer consumers greater mobility, wider accessibility and the robust performance needed for high quality video experiences. With an Internet connection, cloud computing makes it possible to experience video on many different devices, from virtually anywhere, anytime.

The strength and power of cloud computing makes the video transition to cloud-enabled networks a better option for not only Service Providers but consumers as well. Consumers can expect increased performance, higher capacity, better access and a seamless experience when their services are based in the cloud.

Cloud’s limitless accessibility for end users coupled with the advantages of cloud data centers for network operators and enterprises offer the technology and solutions to transform and accelerate Internet video delivery and consumption in the near future.

Are you ready for video in a global cloud?


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  1. I truly enjoyed reading it. Waiting for some more great stuff like this from you in the coming days

  2. I have to admit that the technological advances that have been made in my lifetime are simply amazing. Recently I met a man who had just been released from prison after serving thirty years. He had never used a cell phone, or a personal computer. Never used the Internet. So many advances had been made during his incarceration! It was overwhelming him. The pace of progress really is astonishing! I can remember going to DisneyWorld back in the 1970s and going on rides where the rider was exposed to seeing "futuristic" things that now are commonplace, such as videoconferences. Wow. Just wow.

  3. Had no idea videos generated that much traffic, but then again I am not surprised. I wonder if youtube has already embraced the cloud network, seeing that they are the leader in video sharing? Regardless, cloud-based networks have really took off in the recent past, and I see them playing a crucial role in 2012.

  4. Its amazing how far cloud technology has progressed in such a short period of time. I laugh when I think about client based software programs that are still on the market

  5. Well a few years ago Videos were rarely found over Internet and if so were premium but with the passage of time cloud computing technology has changed the way we surf the internet. Videos are a great way to convey messages and more service providers including leading TV Channels have chosen cloud hosting services to broadcast their videos over Internet. YouTube will lead despite the recent anti piracy laws buzz as imposing a ban on videos will deprive the Internet of its awesome flavo. Video Communication is the future and we will gonna see more useful videos in the future.

  6. Good to learn Cloud Computing technology will change the way we access videos on internet.

  7. so that the internet changed everything becomes a reality and the development of the Internet far more toward something that can be developed by anyone including the video.