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Vegas and the Network: Lucky Number Seven

July 9, 2007 - 0 Comments

I thought I should highlight a once in a lifetime occurence. This past Saturday was 07-07-07…a date that won’t happen for another hundred years. The number “7,” of course, is known for being lucky which is why so many couples rushed out and got married this past Saturday. My theory is not because it was seen as lucky, but because the groom could easily remember his anniversary date.”Seven,” of course, is lucky in Las Vegas as “7” is a good number in a game of craps…and slot machines. There are seven days in the week and on the 7th day, we rest, so that is good. In baseball, we have the 7th inning stretch. 7 was Mickey Mantle’s number and also the favorite name for a child for George Costanza. There are also seven colors in a rainbow, seven ancient wonders of the world, seven deadly sins, Steven Covey gives us seven habits and James Bond, of course, is 007. Seven is a prime number and also the number of spots on a common ladybug. There were seven brides for seven brothers and a seven year itch, but seven is also significant to Cisco and networks. There are seven layers of the network in the OSI modelAnd, there are also seven letters in the word network…also, a good movie, by they way, if you are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. What’s my point? I really don’t have one. But, if you are lucky, I may just have an entry on August 8th of next year on the significance of 8….or maybe not…

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