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Update: “What If Your TV Could…” Video Contest – Win USD$10,000

May 25, 2010 - 14 Comments

On May 13, 2010 Cisco launched What If Your TV Could…?, a video contest asking consumers to submit creative ideas about what they wish their TV could do. For an opportunity to win a Grand Prize of USD$10,000, as well as the opportunity receive one of (3) USD$500 gift cards for the most viewed videos, participants are asked to submit a short video explaining what future capabilities they would like to see on their TV.

Over the past week, we have received over 50 submissions ranging from a Hologram TV to Multi-dimensional TV and Healthcare TV. The top three highest rated videos so far are “TV Clone of Me,” “Those Awesome Shades” & “What If My TV Could Transport Me Anywhere in the World?”

We encourage you to check out these videos, as well as all the others on Please view, rate and add comments to your favorite videos.

If you haven’t already done so, submit your own video response to the question, “If your TV could do anything, what would you want it to do?” on Cisco’s contest website at

If you don’t feel comfortable getting on camera, tape a friend, a family member, a cat, a dog, BE CREATIVE!

Videos must be less than three minutes in length. The Grand Prize winner will be based on the number of views, average rating and creativity as determined by a panel of judges from Cisco.

For contest terms and conditions, please visit:  Contest ends July 13, 2010.


If you are too busy and don’t want to read any of the text above, here I am updating you on the contest:

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  1. Would you advise where I can purchase a replacement web cam privacy shade for Model VT Camera II

  2. hi Zoya, this awesome post. i think its very interesting. nice sharing

  3. This is good. Can animated videos be also part of t he contest?

  4. This is good. Can animated videos be also part of t he contest

  5. Having the general public express their wishes is a good idea that can yield excellent results. Cisco is a respected company, I enjoyed the video.

  6. TV will no longer be limited to the home. What if your tv could travel with you all over the world…

  7. This is an awesome contest, a lot of great prizes too… I just have to think of a really cool video and whip out my Flip Cam (Cisco owns this too now!).

  8. Hello Zoya, it’s a very awesome contest!Please more contestlike these… :DI would like to win the $10,000

  9. @Venisse-You should totally submit! I’m sure you would have a really great video. I look forward to your submission!

  10. Hey Zoya! Awesome contest. I’m thinking of submitting a video…don’t laugh

  11. Thank you Brad! I appreciate your support 🙂

  12. Great videos Zoya!

  13. @Gravity-This is great! I am super excited to see your submission!

  14. Visited a few videos, they are really awesome… I missed the earlier post for announcment of the contest, Thanks God it has some time before contest comes to an end, will be making mine. =D