Update on Japan disaster response and relief

March 23, 2011 - 34 Comments

Along with rest of the world, we at Cisco have been saddened watching recent events unfold in Japan.  Despite the incredible tragedy, the resilience of Japan’s people and the unanimous outpouring of support remind us that we are all part of an increasingly close global community.

After we identified that our Japan-based friends and colleagues were located and safe, we began assessing the local impact and doing what we can to help.

We are also focused on helping our customers and doing what we can to support their return to normal operations.  Within 24 hours of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake, Cisco had established a dedicated customer crisis team that has been addressing the most critical needs first – primarily search and rescue efforts, and critical national infrastructure.

The Cisco Foundation will match employee donations to disaster recovery efforts up to US$1 million dollars, in addition to a US$250,000 cash contribution to the American Red Cross.  Cisco has also approved a US$125,000 grant to our friends at NetHope to support disaster relief efforts.

It is hard to believe that only 12 days have passed since the earthquake and tsunami, especially with so much already being done by people and organizations in Japan and around the world.  Our thoughts are with Japan and its people – this will be a long journey, but one that you will not travel alone.

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  1. I used to work in Cisco, and they are very kind and they responded very well in this Japan situation also.

  2. I lost my brother in Japan, and it is nice to see cisco helps them out.

  3. Been a big fan of the blog for a while – first time posting. Keep up the great work… I really love the stuff you’ve got on here.

  4. Be strong Japaneses

  5. Japanese will be ok,trust them.

  6. One of the most awesome things I’ve seen during this whole unfortunate situation with Japan is that they are the most humble people. I have never heard of any looting or rioting or anything of that nature. When I saw them on TV they were the most patient people just humbly waiting and looking for help. I wish we were a people like them in times of distress here the US.

  7. So very sad, May God be with all those in Japan who are suffering from this disaster, our hearts and thoughts are with them all, but after seeing how dignified they are even after the disaster.I have a high respect for them…

  8. although japan is modern country,much people must help them.

  9. Greetings, this is why Cisco is Cisco, as well as the number 1 in all its products, also demonstrated the great human quality that is in its workers. Good. Congratulations. And helping all the Japanese.

  10. Thats a nice work done by Cisco…we are all with the people of Japan in their hour of repeated crisis.

  11. Just awful what is happening there, they need help

  12. Very nice, i hope some other companies will follow what u did.

  13. The world is changing and it’s nice to see big companies playing a big part, well done CISCO

  14. Poor Japan

    Today just have earthquake with 7,4 Richte:(

  15. very nice to hear that such a big Cisco participates in humanitarian assistance

  16. It’s great to see a major company like Cisco helping out Japan. God bless Cisco and God bless Japan.

  17. Of all the wonderful places I visited … Japan impressed me the most … Hope that U recover soon!

  18. more large companies should pitch in, instead of letting governments around the world fit the bill but when there in trouble its normally these governments they look too. good example and its nice to see.

  19. I love Japanese people… One of my buyers is a Japanese… Yes…, I agree that they need every body’s help… I would like to say that what Cisco does is a very good example and good step to follow… Great, Cisco…

  20. Japan God Bless You!!!!!

  21. Every one should help them.They need every body’s help.

  22. It’s a great tragedy happening in Japan, they need our help. Japan, you are not alone! Great initiative, Cisco!

  23. good initiative cisco! this is a clear example of corporate responsability! i’ll share this!

  24. I hope more companies can help them like this, can’t image what the people of Japan are going through.

  25. Yes! Japan you are not alone,all over world with you,and we need definitely help you.

    Thanks..! Alex:)

    We should help japan to rebuild and no politics in it.
    Japanese are real hard workers.and i love them.

  27. I feel very bad for these guys. suddenly, out of nowhere- your life stops, it will take years to recover.

  28. Awesome Cisco! It’s nice to see big companies doing their part.

  29. well yea this is very sad already 🙁 God protect us!

    • today need our help our dear brothers Japanese will soon begin operations and will be better, because it is a country that has the ability to rise from all the tragedies that befell them, I take this opportunity to congratulate Cisco Foundation for his great kindness, and be with Japan.
      Japan is you can!!

  30. Japan.. you are not alone..

    • Yes, Japan is not alone. We are all praying for their return to normal life. I have had Japanese buyers to deal with at my last employers. They are such fine people and you get to learn so much dealing with them.