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Tour of the Cisco Networkers booth in the World of Solutions Brisbane

September 30, 2009 - 32 Comments

The agenda of the Cisco Networkers event in Brisbane is getting close to one of the most anticipated parts tonight – the customer appreciation event…  There’s been a lot of speculation about who the band will be – and we look forward to your guesses on who that.  In the meantime, we visited the World of Solutions area today with Andrew Erratt, director of Systems Engineering, Cisco ANZ, to get a view of what attendees can expect to see in terms innovative solutions from Cisco and 40 of its partners. In the video you can see Andrew in front of one of the four Cisco stands – Virtualisation, Borderless Networks, Collaboration and the general Cisco stand showcasing Cisco EnergyWise and physical security solutions.

Cisco ANZ head, Les Williamson issued a challenge to Networkers attendees in his opening presentation to see if he can reach critical mass of 100 followers on Twitter by the end of the conference – you can follow Les on Twitter (leswilli) to help him make his number –  and also track the main CiscoNetworkers Twitter feed #cnw09.  Guido Jouret’s opening keynote is also now available for on demand viewing here in the auditorium on  Enjoy the party tonight everyone!

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  1. This is the reason why I admired Cisco. They’re hardworking individuals who don’t stop for making good things for technologyok

  2. This is the reason why I admired Cisco. They're hardworking individuals who don't stop for making good things for technology.

  3. @Anthony McKeever - Brisbane is my favourite city, but Brisbane beaches are so beautiful.

  4. 100 Twitter followers is small compared to some of the numbers I have seen lately.

  5. Les is up to 128 now:

  6. So did he succeed in getting 100 twitter followers?

  7. Thanks for information and video, its nice info.

  8. Started already twitting . That's great!

  9. I love Cisco, great article! awesome stuff

  10. However, the respect you get from the IT community is great! Keep up the great work!

  11. Sounds very interesting. Always like to hear what is going on in the Cisco world. I will follow you in your twitter account. Keep me updated.

  12. I wish I were in Brisbane right now instead of New England.

  13. CISCO treats customers right, which is the key to successful business.

  14. very interesting, I will add him. Love to participate.

  15. I am also a fan of Cisco,thanks for your nice video and good information.

  16. Great article! Count me in.

  17. Haha man I'm loving it. Interesting.

  18. Best Artickle. I wiil seee him at my twitter.

  19. I'll go follow him. I'm looking forward to seeing what new solutions come out. I had an opportunity a while back to see the Cisco HD video conferencing setup and was quite impressed. Very curious to see what you guys come out with this time.

  20. This sounds good, i'd like to get involved.

  21. Thanks for info and video, nice infos

  22. I may help you achieve that goal of 100 followers ;-). I will enjoy the party tonight thanks!

  23. I follow right now.

  24. You have one good team there. I am also a fan of Cisco here, where I live, in Romania, but the popularity is not yet that great, but it will grow in time, I guess, with a bit of efforts. However, the respect you get from the IT community is great! Keep up the great work!

  25. thanks for the info i also want to participate in it

  26. Nice article really interesting.

  27. I appreciate your work & hope for some more informative information.

  28. Sounds very interesting. Always like to hear what is going on in the Cisco world. Fantastic products and solutions.

  29. Marc,Thanks for the answer and I will start following him on twitter. Its nice to see such open communication coming from the event.

  30. Great blog, ha ha are they getting any exercise

  31. Michael - no this is open to anyone - just go to Twitter to follow him... you can also search on the twitter hashtag #cnw09 ( to get a comprehensive view of tweets coming out of the conference. thanks for your interest.

  32. I hope you guys are getting some exercise in your spare time! Brisbane has some great beaches for jogging, etc.