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Top 5 Predictions Redux

January 28, 2011 - 10 Comments

Did you know there’s a correlation between a country’s coffee consumption and its appetite for technology? Here’s a follow-up to an earlier blog I posted on my Top 5 predictions for 2011 which range from network economics to books and eReaders to coffee drinking.

Many of you shared some great insights and I’m eager to hear more. What trends do you see coming in your crystal ball?

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  1. I predict that technology will far exceed our financial ability or desire to keep up with it.

    That is, as technology so rapidly evolves around us, and the continuous integration and advancement of technological devices requires us to discard our present devices and purchase the latest and most advanced versions, we will eventually grow tired of constant obsolescence. It is already happening. Today’s latest breakthrough, is tomorrows 8-track player.

  2. In regards to Jay’s comment about your kids reading eBooks before they go to bed…. I was just in the Apple store the other day playing with an iPad, and was envisioning reading my kids their bedtime stories using the iPad. And then it got me to thinking about what school, and especially college, is going to be like for them, and how they will be using eBooks more and more as they grow up. Pretty amazing, how far things have come!

  3. Well all your predictions on 2011, coffee, eBooks, economy, ereaders, networking, predictions, social, technology, trends well its fact that technology always brings great change and as per you predictions this changes will get some good changes to the entire world.

  4. We’re in a big cultural shift. Just imagine your kids reading eBooks before they go to bed and sleep. Once they’ve acquired that habit, they will bring that with them when they get old so in 2011, we can’t just possibly expect everyone to shift across to eBooks. It will take an entire generation of people to make that move. Just think of how a generation of humanity using ‘typewriters’ have shifted to using computers to document/type in data or information.

  5. Like the prediction, whatever right or wrong they may be. And I like the way you think while imagining the relationship between a country’s coffee consumption and its appetite for technology.

  6. I largely agree with your 5 predictions especially the idea that e-readers will replace books. Maybe not by the end of 2011…but certainly in the foreseeable future.

    My big technology prediction for 2011 relates to Google’s recent patent approval for clustering.

    I think we’ll see an increasing focus on semantic clustering in search which by the end of 2011 will change search in a significant way both for users and developers. Given that the current algorithms depend largely on linking and link anchor text, if search engines begin to understand the meanings of words and can apply that understanding to information retrieval optimizing pages for specific keywords will cease to be necessary. The focus would then be on conveying meaning on a page or really just providing valuable content for users. It might seem like a small change, but I think it will change things in a big way for those focused on SEO and web development.

  7. I think a lot of what you say is quite straight forward and has to be commonly accepted as the way things will go in the future. There are and always will be deviants from the norm, I for one can’t stand reading from ebook readers or the likes. I do as part of a ritual read a book every night before i sleep.

  8. Mike, i know you sounds right but i have some different views on this topic as i feel that digital way of reading books give you more comfort than physical one like in the case of Apple iPad.

  9. I don’t really understand what there is to dispute about your books prediction. Sure some people like physical books. Just like some people like music on vinyl and riding horses. Most of the world will adopt the easier and more efficient method of consuming the written word and enthusiasts/hobbyists will continue to collect and read standard books.

  10. Great. Just when I sell my stock you tell me that the the Cloud is going to be the new OS (smile).

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