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The Social Soap Box: The Real-Time Web and You

August 20, 2010 - 14 Comments

I attended the 140 Character Conference yesterday and admittedly, had low expectations for what I would actually get out of it. Surprisingly however, the conference had more to offer than just 140 Twitter characters. There were a lot of valuable insights on the role of social media in driving the real-time internet. Here are my personal favorite nuggets and my video interview with American Internet entrepreneur and founder of the 140 Character Conference, Jeff Pulver. The video is 3 minutes long but Jeff had a lot of good insights to share. Plus, I promised him I would use the video in its entirety. Smile

  • Location-based services will provide more context to content that’s already digitized in the social web.
  • There will be increasing ways to turn small amounts of data such as tweets on Twitter, to dollars. For more information, check out Dom Sagolla’s book, “@thebook 140 Characters.”
  • “Think before you tweet” was my favorite quote at the conference, courtesy of Copyright Attorney, Francine Ward. Lawsuits are on the rise when it comes to information that gets shared on the social web. Remember that any content you post on social networks can be sublet to anyone else who wants to share or use your content without your prior approval.
  • Women have the highest influence when it comes to making purchase decisions – try 80 percent. Creative Director, Katherine Gordon shared in her session, that women control $13 trillion of the world’s $18.4 trillion in consumer spending.
  • And lastly but not least, Community Manager and Digital Strategist, Dean McBeth shared best practices on how to create a successful social media campaign such as that of Old Spice with simple advice that included: create the video first; drive popularity; make sure it’s integrated with marketing, PR and advertising efforts; once it reaches mass awareness, create a response strategy.

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  1. Very interestign for newbie! Thanks!

  2. Women - the main engine of trade! :)

  3. Hi Kat...I stand corrected! My questioning of this figure really wasn't meant to question the consumer dominance of women. Just thought it was a very high number

  4. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.@KatGordan - thanks for sharing the source of your stat and for the great session at #140 conf.

  5. I love that the first comment here questions the 80% figure I presented at the 140 Conference. People simply cannot believe that women consumers have such dominance -- but they do. Here's just one place this figure is cited: Books like Why She Buys and What Women Want do an excellent job shedding light on women's power as consumers and how brands need to catch up quick to market effectively to them.

  6. We are a new real estate investor association in Atlanta and are teaching our members how to use social media for business and personal uses. Thanks for the great information!

  7. Good clip. Would love to see a post about how small business can take advantage of this trend.

  8. Social Media are one of the most powerful sources of information right now. Thats why people all around the globe are opt into it.

  9. I heard an interesting comment the other day from a business executive...I'm not sure how social media will benefit us, but in the meantime we will do what we can and learn along the way""."

  10. A lot of very very useful stuff from Jeff there, a lot of companies could do with giving that a watch. Personally, I think it's daunting for both new and old companies to try and get a foothold in todays 2.0 world and if you're not really switched on, well... good luck.

  11. There were seriously a lot of valuable insights on the role of social media in driving the real-time internet... It’s really informative… the video is short but having details... Thanks for sharing it

  12. Thank you for posting all 3 minutes of the video - Jeff has hit the nail on the head. All businesses- large or small- need to make an effort to embrace the personal element involved in social marketing.

  13. I also attended this conference...i had some great conversations with other colleagues and professionals in the electronic was my first experience and it was fantastic.

  14. Wow, that 80% stat for women seems awfully high. I highly question that. Otherwise good info