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The Social Soap Box: Social Media Opportunities and Challenges from an Analyst Relations Perspective

June 10, 2010 - 6 Comments

It’s been almost two years since I initially worked with the Analyst Relations team at Cisco to build their social media program. I thought it would be timely to review their progress and how they’ve incorporated social media into their programs. To date, there are about 1,200 fans on the Cisco Insights Facebook page and close to 4,000 followers to @Cisco_Insights. While the quantity may not be impressive, it’s the quality that really matters.  I sat down with AR Manager Regina Hoshimi, to get more “insight.”

Regina estimates that over half of the 4,000 Twitter followers are considered influencers for her team including analysts, consultants and industry experts.  Initially, the AR team used Twitter to amplify messages and to monitor conversations from their influencer community at conferences and events. It’s since expanded into a listening tool for competitor sentiment and strategic planning.  However, the Cisco Insights Facebook community hasn’t taken off as quickly as Twitter. Regina attributes the low activity level and engagement to the fact that most analysts aren’t using Facebook as a business communications tool and more for managing relationships.  

Looking ahead, I asked Regina to outline where she believes the opportunities are and where she anticipates challenges as her team continues to build out their social media program.


  • Connecting with a broader set of analysts and influencers in lesser time
  • Driving global engagement with global impact
  • Real-time feedback and insights from analyst and influencers


  • Measuring productivity and time savings from analysts
  • Tracking conversations from analysts and identifying the level of impact back to Cisco
  • Real-time management of information about Cisco and addressing misrespresented information

If you’re an analyst and would like to understand more about what the AR team at Cisco is doing with social media, please contact Regina @Rhoshimi. Or if you want to share your ideas on how we can improve our social media programs, ping me @autumntt.


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  2. This is a very interesting topic. We have been in participating in social media since January of this year. We have found the opposite to have more strength, meaning Facebook turned out to grow faster and created more conversation with currently 1,200 fans. While Twitter has been growing recently with 450 followers, we have only touched the surface of the powerful retweet. I now feel a lot better knowing that we matched Cisco Facebook stats. Thanks for the share!

  3. I would use twitter more, if i targetet general worl population. Since my readers are from 2M country, twitter does not cover a lot of them:S Too bad.

  4. There are really many opportunities going forward, and I think cisco capitalizes on all of them.

  5. Nice Information. I think facebook is more better than twitter. But you need more time on facebook.

  6. You said rightly Facebook is better place for managing relationship. In my case Twitter work great but Facebook yet not help me that way. That mainly because I yet not set a great page book page. I have to work on that.