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The Platform: The Official Cisco Blog

July 23, 2007 - 0 Comments

Just as the Internet is here to stay, it seems that blogging is as well. As such, to make it the “official” corporate blog, we have renamed our News@Cisco Notes blog: The Platform. To me, blogging is kind of like standing up on a soapbox and speaking your mind in the town square…people can listen and engage with you or simply keep walking and ignore you. A person’s or company’s platform is much the same. And, as the network more and more becomes the platform for all communications, it made sense to name the “official Cisco blog,” The Platform.We’ve been blogging at Cisco for nearly two and half years and have certainly learned a lot about the blogosphere since…and, of course, there is much more to learn. We will be rolling out some new blogs in the coming weeks and months on various and sundry subjects that interest us, but The Platform, this blog, will remain the official corporate blog, so put it in your RSS feeder, subscribe to it if you have an aversion to RSS and let us know your thoughts on what you’d like to see blogged about. And, thank you for your continued interest.

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