The Making of Talk2Cisco; a Live, Social Broadcast with Cisco Leaders

August 31, 2010 - 19 Comments

Karen Snell spoke to the challenges of broadcasting live 5-10 years ago (“back in the day” in tech years) in her May blog post. Today, with a laptop, internet connection, and a Canon GL2, we are live streaming machines. Watch how we setup Talk2Cisco and re-purpose this content across our social networks.

Please feel free to share any thoughts or experiences you’ve had with live broadcasting. What do you like or dislike about live broadcasts? Do you see live streaming as the next step of video on the web? Any and all comments are welcome and, as always, feel free to connect with me on Twitter @arom1000.


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  1. The subject of a wonderful and worth pursuing, especially at a time when we speed

  2. I love how twos and behind the scene stuff. Thanks for posting. I wish more people did how twos.

  3. Cisco should partner with Facebook and help improve their streaming. I don’t get good performance on FB compared to other sites.

  4. This would be the future and Cisco is showing the way. Well done guys.

  5. Hi Alex,How to make video? watched it twice.

  6. @alex, More bandwidth is always better. Over here in the UK we are on like 8mb of bandwidth that is the kind of avarage. They are looking at getting it up to 20mb throught the UK by something like the end of 2012. We are still way behind other places arou

  7. Hey Alex,Thank you for the news. Well in my opinion this is certainly a good thing. But still in hird-world”” (wow our politicians are just brilliant aren’t they?, using vocabulary to break people’s spirit) countries fast internet connections aren’t that common. But this is certainly a better move and as the time goes on with the help of 4G and similar technologies I think it definitely has a major role to play. Thank you (Oh my name is – well better not to tell after that comment – 😀 cheers )”

  8. It is the way of the future. It’s cheaper and it’s possibly the reach more people. Cisco is showing the way.

  9. I believe this is the way more companies should have meetings. People are so darn slow to adapting to a
    ew way of life””, it’s awful. I wish people can just “”get with it”” and live in the modern day world. Not only is this live broadcasting modern, but it is also very cost effective for various applications.”

  10. This is actually very helpful as people get the news and relevant information straight from the big boss of Cisco. Nice job.

  11. Alex, I haven’t seen it yet… But as we continue to develop streaming technology it will be a necessity. Take TBN.COM you may not know about them but they stream terrabytes of data every day. They should absolutly have some kind of delay as their reputation is totally at stake… if we don’t have it yet maybe Cisco could make it 🙂

  12. @SM – Video does tax the network for sure. This will hopefully push the networks to become stronger and faster to get to where it should be to support any and all data flow. You have my vote for more bandwidth for sure.@JP – How would live streaming benef

  13. the issue with live streaming on the web is that it can get out to so many people so fast. In my opinion there should always be at least a 5 second delay.

  14. nice job! now we just need more speed!

  15. Live streaming over the web will be the next step forwards, but what we need first is wider bandwidth before it can trully take off. It will allow new TV channels to come alive and you could have the stream come into the TV in your home and set them up like channels. This would mean the computer and general house hold TV becoming closer to an all in one unit.

  16. Very good keep it up.

  17. Kudos! the Palantir from Lord of the rings has come alive 🙂