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“The Internet Is Still Dead and Boring”

August 28, 2007 - 2 Comments

What tha?Mark Cuban is a smart guy. I like him even more after reading his blog post of yesterday…(see title above). His whole point is that the Internet is “dead and boring” because it has become an integral part of our lives and when it reaches that status it is a good thing indeed – he uses the word “utility.” He delineates all the stuff he does on the net to show his bona fides (he does more than 99.9% of people on the net), but his key point (in my reading) is that the Internet has now become a part of our everyday lives, which makes it dead and boring. I might disagree with his word choices, but I agree with his main point – the Internet (and, hence, network) has become integral to our lives. He actually had an earlier post that started this conversation.He’s a good blogger too. What a great headline! Made me read it…and I stole it and maybe you read this post because of the headline too?One point that he made was made by our CEO, John Chambers, in his Forbes commentary earlier this year. Technology is advancing so fast that what is may cost $100 today will cost a $1 in a few years…especially around storage.So, take or leave his point(s), but Cuban is certainly an interesting guy.Full discosure: he’s a “friend” on facebook and last year we were both listed by the Wall Street Journal as “high-ranking executives” who blog. So, we have that going for us. Which is nice…JJE - WSJ - Blog - 3 apr 06.gif

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  1. the funniest answer i've heard is that it's full of old people and the internt should be aimed at the youth was obvious the person has a problem with age""...older people..adults..anyway,the truth and bottom line is this: (it has nothing to do with the internet not evolving).it's merely that the new has worn off.i've had internet access since 1997,first with webtv,then soon i got my own pc and dial up and a few years later high speed.i've found that i'm not online as often s i was even as recent as 4 and 5 months ago.the new is waering off big time finally.the blog i used to pride myself on keeping updated everyday goes for days now without being updated.i don't download music as often as i used to.i just don't enjoy being online that much anymore.i've spoken recently to alot of people that feel the same became newbies it's a whole other universe i'm sure.but to those that have had access for a long time,it's become boring.most of what i do anymore when i'm online,is i download music as i have a membership with i don't do much else anymore.i update my blog once maybe twice a week. like i said.the new wears off.this is why when something new comes about(like twitter)everybody gets a bit excited.but see..even twitter has become uninteresting to me for the most part even though i still tweet now and then."

  2. The Internet has now become a part of our everyday lives, which makes it dead and boring"", says Mark Cuban. I also disagree... Bad choice of words indeed. Instead he could say that the Internet has now become such a ROUTINE in our everyday lives, that it doesn't have the same spark as it once did years ago and most especially during the Internet BOOM. But that's why all this ""social networking"" and collaboration is now making it much more exciting and interesting... it's becoming a consumer's world! Places like Second Life can help to make the internet a fun place to conduct business and hold events, rather than the traditional more ""boring"" methods of communicating. Social networking makes it FUN and I'm sure everyone can use a bit of fun inserted in their work days, no? ;)"