The Human Network Empowered Through Collaboration in the Developing World

October 16, 2009 - 7 Comments

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

For the past several years, I have blogged about the role of Collaboration in the Enterprise: how it is changing the way we work. The power of collaboration technology, though, does not follow a restricted path into pure commerce. Increasingly, we are seeing creative and powerful public sector institutions, including global non-profits, ride the second wave of the Internet, the Web 2.0 wave, into a more caring global mindset.

Recently I learned about a unique organization and Web 2.0 site, BluMail, which has set out to tackle a pretty serious global agenda through the use of next generation web collaboration technology. In their own words, they provide “global e-mail accounts, educational content, employment leads, entrepreneurship, networking, story/experience sharing, mentoring and volunteering opportunities to youth and others who are coming online in developing countries.” 

This BluMail approach engenders empowerment. And in the new collaborative world, you don’t pursue this alone. BluMail partnered with dozens of other non-profits to not only commune, but also to take action, including the United Nations Foundation, Teachers with Borders, One Economy and the Cisco Foundation.

This collaboration coalition posits an action agenda to:

  • Volunteer
  • Donate
  • Find a Job
  • Sell Products
  • Find a Mentor
  • Share Stories
  • Help Someone

My mentor in all things globalization is Thomas L. Friedman, author of The World Is FlatIn a great interview with Tom Nissley on, Friedman notes that kids might have to explain, to their parents, how the world is being flattened: “I am hoping, though, that many of them have kids, who, when they have a moment to take a break from their iPods, Internet, or Google, will explain to their parents running the country just how the world is being flattened.”

BluMail and its sister organizations strive to help people in developing countries participate in the flat world, showing collaboration can work on a global scale.  In collaboration, a portal can be a pathway to resources, people, and information or, in BluMail’s case, a way to make a difference.


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  1. I was see, Very useful site. 250 million reader from my country Indonesia can translate your language. Thanks. Good post Alan

  2. Hi Alan,It’s always great to see technology and business come together to improve the lives of those around us. Very interesting post!

  3. This BluMail looks a promising thing but I saw some good products that did not reach the average internet user and faded away. I sincerely hope that the cas with BluMail will be different and that there will be an ever growing community on it.I already joined it. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for posting a link to BluMail — I know I tend to take the internet for granted, but recognize that many people around the world aren’t as fortunate as we are. I think providing internet services is an excellent way to lend a helping hand to the developing world; I will definitely pass this on to others, and hopefully we can all help to support the globalization of the internet.

  5. Good Job keep on with it Alan, it a very good blog with so much important info.

  6. There is allot that could be talked about with Blue Mail attempting at this great endeavor, but this sounds like what is needed, and what I’ve waited for really. And if they can pull it off clean and sharp then they will have my interest, support, and usership. I wonder how the name will take globally though?

  7. yes Blu Mail have jumped in with a large group of organizations, and its good to see when each and every platform are served at one places, so that we don’t need to hover out anywhere else, what say ?