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The Exciting World of Charles Giancarlo

August 3, 2006 - 1 Comment

Change is the Mantra of IP TechnologyWhen Charles Giancarlo talks about the future, people pay attention. Giancarlo, Cisco’s Chief Development Officer, as well as president of Linksys, talks about the future of Internet technology this week on a VoD on News@Cisco. It’s a broad topic, but Giancarlo covers the ground easily by outlining the fascinating ways IP technology is developing. Much is in the offing, he says.”Internet technology is shaping the future of the desktop, the future of computing, the future of business communications and the future of personal entertainment. And not least, it will shape the future of our life experiences,” he says.IP allows just plain old telephone service to evolve to unified communications. “Phones aren’t just phones anymore. They are information and collaboration tools connected to the Internet, transmitting data, voice and video.”Consumer-oriented applications and services are fast evolving into business applications.In addition, standalone features like VoD, music-on-demand, social networks and blogs and becoming integrated into even more dynamic offerings. “What users are looking for today is more than one or another of these standalone services. They are looking for an integrated approach where an intelligent network can blend many of these services and more into rich and complete and compelling experiences.”Virtualization, where servers and applications can work in a non-dedicated manner and be provisioned quickly and cheaply, will change business operations for many, including service providers. With virtualization,”SPs can define a service in a data center,” Giancarlo says.”This virtualized architecture gives the SP the ability to roll out a service to all its customers literally overnight.”The data center will become one giant computer.”This will probably be the most significant change to happen in computers in 20 years and will set in motion all kinds of significant advances in the design of OSes, drivers and applications.” Wow. That’s a lot of change. But check out Giancarlo’s full vision on News@Cisco. There’s a lot more.

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  1. I had a dream.I dreamed that I had a cell phone that worked without cell towers. Cell towers were just a thing of the past. My cell phone had an IP and MAc address. It didn't matter where I went, there were smart access points globally. Every call I made was a local call - no matter where I was. In every building - residential or business - there were ethernet outlets in the walls. Some to physically plug-in a stationary phone and or a PC. Other outlets had wireless smart access point boxess"" providing wireless access for labtops and IP cell phones.I dreamed that my labtop did not have a harddrive. It did not need one anymore, and therefore my labtop was light and easy to transport. My actual harddrive was somewhere at my place of residence safely locked away, accessible via ethernet through these access points, but only accessible for me. Wherever I went I was able to use my labtop and my IP cell phone. I dreamed wireless companies went out of business and CISCO was the worlwide provider of wireless in the world."