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The We’re Listening Blog Series: Your Experience

October 12, 2012 - 1 Comment

In the “We’re Listening” blog series, we continue to look at the transformative measures taking place across Cisco to improve your experience working with us. In this installment, Martin Hardee joins us to talk about recent changes to and our mobile web, and how his team uses your feedback to zero in on the right areas for improvement. Martin is Director of Web Marketing and Strategy, focused on Cisco’s efforts to improve the overall experience.

Martin Hardee, Director, Web Strategy and Marketing By Guest Contributor Martin Hardee

It’s a familiar frustration: you come across a website link that goes nowhere, or you go to download an image and have enough time to make coffee AND drink multiple cups. These days, you can’t afford to wait. It’s about getting what you need quickly and easily.

The team knows this, and wants to take the right steps to improve your online experience. That’s why we use a number of mechanisms to gather and respond to your feedback about and our mobile web – from usability tests to social media listening, feedback links to focus groups. Every month, we review thousands of pieces of data about your experience, and we’re making some big changes to the experience as a result of that feedback. – Simplified, Quicker Results

We recently introduced a tool that helps us identify and fix broken links on much more quickly. Within just three months of launching that tool, we’ve quadrupled the percentage of broken link corrections, shielding users from broken link errors – and we’re just getting started.

We’ve also been working hard to improve’s login and registration experience. In the past year, we’ve implemented enhancements that simplify and personalize your experience, including:

  • Consolidation of two separate login systems into one, requiring fewer logins on all sites
  • Registration form enhancements, such as a password strength indicator, and the addition of a dynamic visual cue
  • Localization of the login page, so your preferred language is already loaded

Finally, we turned to the software downloads experience. Finding, selecting and downloading software is one of the most common tasks. You asked us to make the process simpler and faster and we responded by:

  • Personalizing the Cisco Support Website software area, piloting user rating and review features, and cutting in half the number of steps required to select software
  • Harnessing cloud power to more than triple the download speed, resulting in an 81% decrease in download time worldwide
  • Pushing 75% of software images to the cloud – starting with the most popular and larger images for widest impact – with more to come

Together, these changes have helped boost software downloads from 3.5 million files in FY 2011 to 6 million files in FY 2012.

Making Feedback Count

These new, targeted improvements are the result of enhanced listening and feedback management processes that give us the power to connect to your suggestions, compliments and complaints in real-time, and then take action to integrate your input into every aspect of the experience.

Elements of our listening program include:

  • Real-time monitoring of issues
  • Streamlined internal processes that allow for faster response time to feedback received via the website
  • Faster feedback integration and issue resolution

The listening program is run by a multi-organization team, ensuring that we have the right channels and expertise ready to receive your specific feedback. Whether you’ve encountered a Cisco document typo, content error, broken link, or specific product issue, our team is ready to listen and take action.

We are committed to making it easier to do business with Cisco and we recognize that is often your first stop when working with us. That’s why improving the user experience online is our top priority and we’ll continue to look to your feedback to help us make the right changes, while keeping you informed of changes that are on the way. Please keep an eye on this blog series for news and updates.

Please reach out to us with any feedback or questions by e-mailing


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  1. …Readiness of service and information whenever the customers need it, it’s the main keynote. Thanks for sharing.