The Single-Purpose Network: Myth of the Good-Enough Network

Did you know that by 2015, there will be nearly one mobile-connected device for every person on Earth? That will mean 7.2 billion people with 7.1 billion devices, according to the Connected World Report, 2010.

Aside from being an interesting factoid, this statistic underscores the importance of the next-generation network—after all, without a solid, reliable network to support those billions of devices, they would be nothing but useless bits of hardware.

Businesses and IT departments are being asked to provide more and more connectivity options for new mobile devices, but they are also under increasing pressure from limited resources and budgets. A network that is just “good enough” is only going to exacerbate these constraints because it is built to serve the single purpose of connecting users to resources in silos of connectivity whether it be wired, wireless, or VPN.

Last week, Mike Rau, CTP of Cisco’s Borderless Network Architecture, blogged about The Seven Myths of the Good Enough Network. Now it’s time to delver deeper into myth #1: The Single-Purpose Network Myth–as it relates to mobile devices. For the full article on Silicon Angle, click here.

Over the next seven weeks Mike Rau will address each of the seven myths in weekly blogs on Silicon Angle.

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  1. once IT departments start considering networks “good enough” instead of trying to improve on them, we will all suffer the consequences.

    isn’t the AT&T/T-Mobile merger related to something similar to what is described above? I thought i heard something about AT&T needing to aquire T-Mobile’s 4G capabilities in order to serve their own customers.

    I don’t really know too much about topics like these, just came across this blog and figured i’d throw in my two cents.