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The Office is Empty – Where Did Everybody Go?

October 14, 2010 - 13 Comments

From the dominance of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook (which is now the most popular website in the world) to the onslaught of cool, mobile-friendly devices like iPad and Cius, there is no doubt that the way we work, live and play is changing. But exactly how is it changing and what does it mean for your business? How can you arm your employees with tools they need to be effective in an ‘always-on’, mobile world? With an estimated 14 billion mobile devices connected to the internet today and no slow down in sight, one thing’s for sure. We better figure it out – and fast.

On Tuesday, October 19 at 8:00 a.m. PT, Cisco will host a live Internet TV broadcast and Q&A session to announce key findings from its Connected World Report. The study assesses the expectations, demands and behavior of employees as the lines between work and personal life continue to blur and new technologies make it possible to access information anytime, anywhere, with almost any device. The global research effort involved 2,600 end users and IT decision makers from a variety of industries in 13 countries.

Among the questions that will be answered during the live session:

  • With the mobile workforce growing at an exponential rate, should you be worried about security?
  • Are employees more or less productive when working outside the office?
  • Which is more important to employees: higher salary or greater flexibility?
  • What are the major IT challenges companies will face as employee behavior and technology trends continue to change the way businesses work? 

The show will feature a panel of special Cisco guests, including:

  • Marie Hattar, vice president, Borderless Networks
  • Dave Evans, technology futurist and chief technologist, Internet Business Solutions Group
  • Rob Soderbery, GM/SVP, Ethernet Switching Technology Group
  • Joel Conover, senior manager, Borderless Networks

To watch: Go to just before 8:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday, October 19.

As Dave Evans puts it, “a technology avalanche is upon us.” Cisco’s advice? Don’t get buried.

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  1. Yes, it’s true that the question really is : How can you arm your employees with tools they need to be effective in an ‘always-on’, mobile world? Get more productive in these times. Thanks for the share. =)

  2. I am curious as to what answers will they get from the questions listed above. I am sure the 24/7 access to information through modern devices have great effect on employees productivity.

  3. Just put it in iCal. Glad i caught this.

  4. My personal opinion is that productivity drops when working outside the office. Very interesting topic.

  5. Great questions on productivity. Looking forward to it.

  6. Can’t wait to the live internet TV broadcast!

  7. pretty blog post…thanks

  8. A surprising number of young people are not concerned about security at all. They want their information out there. It is turning into a scary world out there. I hope we can all keep our heads.

  9. Can’t wait to see or hear these results, a good friend of mine owns a North Carolina Printing company and this would be effecting him directly. Employees will always have distractions but if we can control it in the work place we need to, especially if it is being abused!

  10. There will be a lot more questions in the future. With so many mobile devices the actual mobile internet bandwidth is over capacity. Additional the smartphones has more common attack possibilities in comparison to the old phones.

    Your live session will be very interesting for me and will attend.

  11. Cool! will definitely check it out. ~Karen

  12. I think these are very important topics and I want to see the results during the broadcast. Security and productivity are on the mind of many employers I’ve talked to.

  13. Thanks Alot

    very important