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The NHL® Experience, Powered by Cisco

June 21, 2012 - 2 Comments

Hockey fans are some of the most passionate and tech-savvy fans in the sports world, and the NHL® has partnered with Cisco technology to empower them with the information they crave.  Fans can follow their favorite NHL® team in real-time through streaming video, interviews, recaps, highlights, real-time statistics, and more.  Cisco content delivery offerings are helping the NHL® serve up fan experiences no matter where they are watching—in the arena, through the Internet, or on the television.

Hockey fans are embracing all of these new features, and the NHL® is advancing as quickly as the technology.  For the seventh consecutive season, the NHL® posted record revenue and growth across multiple business platforms.

The infographic below shows how the Cisco-NHL® partnership expands the reach of the game for fans by surrounding them with the information they want, how they want it, when they want it.

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  1. I love when companies embraces sports. It’s at the same time a promotion of health and a market move, mutually beneficial to all parts involved, viewers included. So why not do it this way like Cisco did instead of senseless market campaigns? I’m personally happy since I’m a big fan of hockey.

  2. I think sports ventures are finding that all of the technology available today is putting a strain on ticket sales for live events. For the fan, however, this is a great experience.