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The Myth of the Application and End Point Ignorant Network

It is a classic IT challenge: how do you isolate the network from application performance issues.  When an ERP system is performing poorly, is the root cause the application itself, or some other traffic on the network?

With a good-enough network the only answer is to roll out sniffers and probes to dig into the network traffic.  But what do you do if you are troubleshooting a performance problem from the U.S. and the problem is in a branch office in Korea?  Now we have a major problem.  As we all know, it takes time and resources to get the necessary tools deployed in that branch office on the other side of the word (or even the other side of the country for that matter).

The ideal solution would be for the network to have ESP. To have the built in intelligence to understand the applications that are riding across it; who the end users of the application are; and even what type of device they are on.  Thankfully, innovations in next-generation networks are turning this fiction into reality.

In the final chapter of the Myths of the Good-Enough Network series, Mike Rau explores the myth of the application and end-point ignorant network.  He describes the innovative capabilities that allow next-generation networks to know more about network traffic to optimize the analysis, troubleshooting, prioritization, and performance of applications on the network.

As Mike concludes, this is yet another example of how “good enough” really isn’t good enough for your network.

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