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The Myth of Basic Warranty: Myth # 5 of the Good-Enough Network

In this week’s installation of the Myths of the Good-Enough Network series, Mike Rau explores misconceptions that surround the basic warranty.

Mike points out that all service contracts and warranties are not created equal, especially when it comes to networking. As a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, you never realize how good a service contract is until you need it.  His recommendation:  Be prepared and look at the fine print.

Here’s a quick recap of the article.

Basic Questions Only: With “good-enough” vendors such as HP, a warranty service call is limited to answering only the most basic questions. More often than not, they will ask questions along the lines of, “Have you tried rebooting your switch?” If that doesn’t work, the vendor simply ships a replacement.

No Troubleshooting: The majority of warranties do not include troubleshooting at all. Yet network and configuration issues account for 70% of support center calls where service is often provided on a first-come first-served basis, with no effort to prioritize calls.

TCO Calculations: If a company makes that narrow calculation of upfront discounts on products and maintenance, they are not looking at the total operating environment that they’re actually creating and overall TCO.

Impact of Downtime: Companies lose an average of 3.6% of revenue per year to downtime, according to an Infonetics Research report “The Costs of Enterprise Downtime.” Unplanned downtime also damages the reputation of the business, a significant cost even if it is difficult to quantify.

Smart Services to the Rescue: To provide customers proactively identify and address network problems Cisco has invested aggressively in smart services capabilities.  These software-enabled technical and professional services proactively seek out, diagnose, and remediate issues before they even become problems. This can dramatically improve the uptime of networks as well as the user experience.

Sound interesting?  Read the full article on Silicon Angle:  Myths #5 of the Good-Enough Network:  “Basic Warranty” Myth

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  1. So many warranties are practically a scam. I’m glad to see a company that is actually providing some value with their warranty.

  2. We are very to hear that Cisco has invested aggressively in smart services capabilities. All this that Cisco does is extremelly useful in order to have a full function 27/7 network working. We trust you on any choice we make. Well done keep the good work going.

  3. The problem with this claim/postion is… you will never know what you get until you need it. I have many examples in our work of really great CS and support one month and “oh my god what truck did they just fall, poor service” from the same company, same proces, same model a few months latter….

    The only true warranty is a hot spare that is rotated and tested on a normal basis.

  4. Its nice to see that Cisco offers the best warranty. I recently bought some equipment from Cisco for my business; The warranty was one the biggest reasons I chose Cisco.