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The 2012 U.S. National Conventions: Compelling, Collaborative… Connected!

August 27, 2012 - 5 Comments

In the U.S., our two major political parties are kicking off their national conventions over the next two weeks, where they will formally nominate their candidate for President of the United States.  Each convention will draw tens of thousands of delegates, volunteers, and media, as well as a global audience second only to the London Olympics this year.

The 2012 conventions will be the most connected, most social, most covered ever — making the proceedings as seamless as possible and more accessible to people across the country and around the globe.  At the Republican National Committee’s “Convention Without Walls,” voters can get live video and highlights direct from the convention floor — following the convention sessions as they unfold.  At the Democratic National Convention, wireless access points across seven convention-related locations will give staff and guests complete mobility without losing connectivity.   And delegates at both conventions will use IP-phonesto directly connect with party leaders during vote counts.

What makes it all happen?  Communications and collaboration solutions and networked infrastructure extensive enough to support a medium size corporation, provided by Cisco, at both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention.

We are proud to be engaged in these important civic events and in helping bring the proceedings directly to voters.  (In addition to deploying our network, we will continue our ongoing media partnership with CNN.  CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and members of the CNN Political Team will use WebEx for an interactive insiders chat about the presidential race live from the 2012 Republication and Democratic Conventions.)

For two weeks, countless pieces of content – video, photos, blogs, news articles and social media posts – will create a new level of interaction, participation, and engagement among political leaders, convention goers and the rest of the world.  The networks will support traffic for more than 20,000 participants and attendees.  Each project requires over 70 miles of copper for LAN customers and more than 50 miles of fiber for the infrastructure.  Cisco’s reliable, flexible, and scalable technology will ensure seamless real-time communications and will enable an unmatched user experience to attendees and the audience around the world.

And all of those Tweets, Facebook updates, Google+ shares, LinkedIn updates, Pinterest pins and Instagram uploads?  Data is expected to pass one terabyte per day during the convention.

We hope you’ll take the time to experience the conventions and be engaged in our civic process.  To register for the interactive WebEx sessions, visit or watch the live video stream on on Tuesday, August 28th, 12pm EST/ 9am PST for the Republican National Convention and Tuesday, September 4th, 12pm EST/ 9am PST for the Democratic National Convention.

It has been an exciting experience to play a role in operationalizing the conventions.  I look forward to the activity, and I hope you’ll enjoy interacting with the most dynamic and connected conventions in history.

Infographic: Connection the RNC and DNC

Cisco: Connecting the U.S. Political Conventions


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  1. Nicely Done ! Having witnessed number of Cisco events at these convention levels and knowing work done by Cisco team for London 2012 Olympics: Lot of hard work and # of man hrs prior, during and after these events in background, as compared to event total prime time hours itself. Admire Cisco’s smart engineers, technical and misc support teams who builds these world class scalable, reliable and terabyte-throughput networks on fly, enabling all important communications and collaborations at global level. This is a
    pretty impressive work esp for something which is connected to American political tradition and future.

  2. Watching the RNC last night everytime a Cisco commercial played the entire house cheered!! Cisco has much more of a presence for this convention than anything displayed during the Olympics. Great job Blair!

  3. Wow! This is truly impressive, especially following the huge involvement with the London Olympic Games. As I watch both conventions, I will be looking for the Cisco footprint.

  4. Great blog, Blair! I am in Tampa right now seeing all of our Cisco technology in action. Cisco collaboration solutions are playing a vital role in communications and monitoring of all activity/safety in the region.