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TGIF, FCC and 1Gb

March 19, 2010 - 23 Comments

I’m not one to usually say TGIF, but boy, this has been quite a week!

On Tuesday, March 16, the FCC sent its national broadband plan to congress. Reportedly, close to 100 million Americans lack broadband at home today.

The Plan urges a mandate to do more to link people and the economy to broadband’s ‘transformative benefits.’ The plan also calls for, among other things, affordable access in American communities to ultra-high-speed broadband of at least 1 gigabit per second. Yes, folks, it’s not just the times that are a-changing. It’s also the way we measure and value speed.

John Chambers, Cisco’s chairman and CEO, wrote about the significance of this need and the crossroads that we’re currently at in Business Week that same day. The procrastinator’s cry of ‘it can wait until tomorrow’ doesn’t wash anymore. Video, mobility, and other significant bandwidth-impacting trends are here now and the issues need to be addressed.

All of this is just another reason why the Borderless Networks innovations we unveiled on March 17 are so critical for forward-looking organizations. The lines between work and play and home are blurring; the lines between wired and wireless are blurring; and the lines between competitors, partners, employees, and customers are blurring. At the same time, we’re depending increasingly on media that emulates the experience of “being there.” All of these things require a new approach to our technology infrastructure.

If you missed our Borderless Networks announcement the other day, here’s a good roundup for you. And, please visit us here if you want to learn more about Borderless Networks.

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  1. My Web guy in the Philippines has internet only every second day almost, it's really a struggle to be productive sometimes.

  2. The Internet world is growing with amazing speed, few years back we are using Dial-up and today we are talking about Ultra high speed Internet.Ultra high speed Internet will definitely work as Rocket thrust for many Internet based businesses. It will bring revolution in the areas of Audio, Video and other multimedia technologies which are highly dependent on Internet speed.

  3. I couldn't imagine going back to dial-up, I've been using broadband (cable and dsl) for the longest now, the gigabit revolution will surely change things, I'm excited and can not wait!

  4. They really need to roll some broadband like this out in Ireland, it is like we are still in the 90's.

  5. As the broadband has wired as well as wireless technology, it is useful for me as a user.

  6. Really amazing how strong the web presence has grown over the years. Size has just seemed to increase exponentially, yet America still lags behind other developed countries in terms of a nationwide wireless broadband network...

  7. Well, already the borders between reality and virtual reality are blur, considering that the cyberspace is now the main means for entertainment communication and specially bussiness.In conclusion it's allready there, what is lacking is the speed to access this second"" reality, and i know that very well since i am from a third world country.Nonetheless FCC's national broadband plan seems a little uncalled for in this time of crysis.Yes, permanent acces to the wonderful databse of global information called www is a great thing but large investments on large bandwiths is uncalled for , that will only lead to more music and movies and copyright software being shared instead of bought."

  8. It seems web technology is heavy limited by the wide spread of available connection speeds, imagine the progression of online media if every country had the connection speeds of Japan.

  9. How I wish Malaysia's broadband would be on par with US's. We're still running lines with the average of 512kb/s nationwide and now US has introduced affordable access in American communities to ultra-high-speed broadband of at least 1 gigabit per second."". And we're only introducing High Speed Broadband....TM's HSBB Service To be Launched on March 24"

  10. I'd just be curious as to how this might play in with Google's initiative to roll out broadband Internet services

  11. First a national broadband plan, and now a national healthcare plan. Jk I won't go into politics here! It just seems like everything is going global now.

  12. I couldn't agree more. we always knew there was a lot of play"" at work...especially during ""March Madness.""But the blur, as you mentioned, now has a lot of work at home busineses that need broadband. And my guess is that this need will continue for a long time."

  13. Finally congress is starting to realize that broadband is one of the most useful tools of an everyday American household. Hopefully they do not put this madate off and keep moving this issue up on the priority list.

  14. Proposals of national broadband plan are looking optimistic and good. Yes, there is need connect more n more people with broadband and also 1 gigabit per second speed for communities is really awesome. Hope that gives further momentum for e-commerce.

  15. Lucky for people to have a borderless Network.But are you intend to establish a borderless Network in Bangladesh?

  16. I can believe 100 millions don't have broadband at home, but the way the article was phrased I was led to believe 100 million do not have access to broadband. That I find hard to believe.

  17. amazing, 1 GB per second. if in asia countries can implement a similar thing

  18. ultra-high-speed broadband of at least 1 gigabit per second, its sound good. i hope we are not waiting for long for this. I am don't have good knowledge on IT but as a citizen i hope we can get good service

  19. It's about time. I have been waiting for this moment. I remember when everything was dial up and we thought that was fast. But now if everybody can be on broadband then there will be much faster results and replies in our business world. I think this is the right more to try to get everyone on the same page and keep our economy together. In times like we went through recently it would of helped many people who lost their jobs to try to find work online.

  20. That,s a very great news for the broadband users, till now 1GBPS speed was only provided by the web hosting companies like us and was not available for the broadband users for home use. By launching this 1 Gigabit per second broadband plan FCC has done a very great job for the Internet users those who are not able to afford a whole hosting package to get a high network connectivity. Now, people will be able to enjoy full benefits of the high network connection on their mobiles too.

  21. Government incentives to broadband inclusion is a need in any country. Here in south america we have a popular program done by government, where we can have affordable internet connection, but with a little less speed (still on 256 Kbps on this category).

  22. 1 gb per second speed, this speed provide to home user or organisations and companies? In India we are still struggling for 2mbps unlimited connections. lol

  23. Things are really starting to take off for high speed broadband, its only a matter of time before we see 1gb/s speeds at home. Obviously some countries are more equipped than others and there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of upgrading the old copper network to fibre.