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Technology + Art = 21st Century Education

August 20, 2008 - 7 Comments

Education has long been a passion of Cisco. Our CEO often says there are two great equalizers in life: “the Internet and education.” Early Cisco employees started out jumping the fence of a neighboring school to volunteer there (see; Costano School in East Palo Alto, CA). A Cisco engineer created an online networking class to help fill the skills gap of networking (see; Cisco Networking Academy Program.) And, when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated many parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, Cisco wanted to do something to help the schools rebuild…better, stronger and for the 21st Century. We created a program called “21S,” which is short for “21st Century Schools.” We have now committed $80 million to this effort. Part of that funding is to help teachers learn about how they can use technology in the classroom. Read what our partners at the Smithsonian American Art Museum wrote about this program. We are proud to contribute in any way we can to helping rebuild this region and help share best-practices in this web 2.0 world.

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  1. The allocation of additional funds for expanding online education is, no doubt, a step towards the development of education sector. In human history, Education has always been the basic factor for the social development as well as for personality development. It is just the time factor that changes the mode of education and sets the preferences of the knowledge seekers.

    We live in 21st century and people have more choices and more opportunities than ever right at their own place through online education. More and more people are getting registered online in different programs ranging from physical sciences to massage therapy programs. And in bringing the dream of easy online education into reality, the contribuition of Cisco is unignorable and is of great significance.”

  2. I am a museum educator who has worked on a podcast project with Cisco and a middle school in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. I can attest to the viability and importance of the Cisco 21st century schools project first hand. Museums have traditionally been slow to embrace technology. But being primarily educational institutions many (if not a majority) of them are now understanding how important these types of distance learning initiatives are in developing new audiences, enhancing community building partnerships, and furthering the educational missions of their institutions. I am happy to have been part of the Cisco initiative, and hope to have an opportunity to work with them again in the near future. I urge everyone to support Cisco 21S!

  3. I agree with Annia when she says that employed people are seeking education through distance learning. I have learned that the number of people who are getting enrolled online for massage therapy education only has increased by multiple of thousands. So its really a 21st century trend and Cisco’s contribution has a significant role in that.”

  4. The allocation of additional funds for expanding online education opportunities is a very constructive step as online degree programs will generally provide more freedom to the students than traditional schools degree programs in terms of that online schools or colleges offer an online curriculum and give students the chance to work on their own from anywhere in the world, all they need is a computer and an internet connection.More over due to the economic recession experienced through out the world and every day increment in the number of lay offs, the increased unemployment has diverted people back to education. Today education is all that counts, long gone the days when experience alone and many years of work in a field or company could somehow take you to the top of the ladder. That is why even employed people are seeking education through distance learning, so that they could get advance degrees while pursuing their jobs, to get promoted to higher posts in the organization they are working for.”

  5. It’s great to see funds being put towards modernizing education. The institutional nature of it always seems to make it lag behind the prevailing innovations. Bravo Cisco!John

  6. An appreciable work done by CISCO team, it’s a 21st Century where a lot of significant changes occur in every field including education. Acquisition of basic level of technical education is necessary nowadays, whether you attain it at your place through online schools or join some institute (traditional way). I am searching for some networking online Cisco certification and courses. Those who are searching for authorized online institute then don’t forget to visit the following link. It’s a search engine for online schools with variety of networking courses from authorized institutions.

  7. Wow! That’s an impressive initiative, supporting education is a very noble cause, you don’t need me to tell you that. Yet rebuilding schools is just the beginning, we also need better quality in education.