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Talk2Cisco Recap: The Transformation of Education

September 2, 2010 - 30 Comments

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer in the U.S. and, in fact, this year, many school children put away their flip flops and swim suits a bit early as some districts welcomed students back in mid-August!  So, with back-to-school on the mind, we sat down with Amy Christen, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Cisco, for a live, social, chat about the evolving role of technology in education and the latest approaches to teaching and learning.  

Highlights from the Talk2Cisco broadcast:

01:20   How technology is transforming the education landscape

12:49  How social media tools are being used in education

19:13  Cisco’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

25:36  What are skills required of teachers in the 21st century

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  1. This topic is quite interesting…I will be glad to join this conversation

  2. That’s great! Cool! But what you think is the effect of this advancement to students? I think they will be more lazy to attend the class and study.

  3. That’s great! Cool! But what you think is the effect of this advancement towards students? I think students will be more lazy to attend the class

  4. The technological classroom is the answer in education, but it is a long way from the reality of today.My Mom is an educational consultant and still finds teachers in Arkansas who don’t have a personal computer. Teachers!

  5. What about providing live video classes via iTunes to iphone and ipod users. They can just subscribe to the pod from the itunes and learn from where ever they are in the world.with regards

  6. Travis, Yes, we do have a podcast of the broadcast. You can find it here:

  7. Do you have any podcasts?

  8. This is great, At our school we were the first in the county to introduce interactive white boards, which are as standard in most private schools in the UK now, I’m really looking forward to this. Lets see what we can at the fore front of now.

  9. I would like to appreciate you for sharing such an impressive post and video with us.

  10. I love to see the use of technology to advance education. However, we are leading ourselves (by that, i mean the human race) to disaster by gobbling more and more resources, and this is due to the insane innovation rates these days. The trouble is, the only way to avoid this is to come up with an alternative to capitalism.

  11. What about providing live video classes via iTunes to iphone and ipod users. They can just subscribe to the pod from the itunes and learn from where ever they are in the world.

  12. Yes its definitely gonna be interesting Tahnx

  13. Well.. Cisco can branch out to schools and colleges providing their efficient networks for better collaboration and business execution! 🙂

  14. Yes its definitely gonna be interesting!

  15. I suggest to introduce video streaming facility. Though it is used but not in highly use.

  16. I think telecommuting in rural communities is a fantastic way to utilize the latest technologies available. This would also be a great way to keep students re-freshed throughout the summer months while they are on break. I think just watching some refresher material for a couple hours a week would do wonders for retention.

  17. It is very good that technology is being further integrated into the educational system, as it must be. The Holidays are one thing to be immediately addressed. Here in NY kids are going to school one day this week, on Wednesday, and are out until next week because of Rosh Hashana.I think one of the skills that should be required of all teachers in the future, as it should have been required for all teachers now, is an ability to facilitate critical and creative thought. An ability to convey complex and intricate concepts in such a way that a school child would be able to assimilate should be a given.

  18. In order for technology to be effective in today’s education system, it needs to be intelligently integrated into a rich, meaning-centered curriculum. Accomplishing this goal requires designing new kinds of creative learning environments involving the collaboration of all the stakeholders in educational reform — teachers, students, administrators, parents, researchers, the business community, curriculum specialists, and technology developers.

  19. Yeah I already did. Thanks for the reply Karen.

  20. Yes its definitely gonna be interesting! 🙂

  21. Interesting question about making course content available via podcast. I’d be curious to hear how this would improve teaching processes.

  22. the transformation of education in vietnam is going well

  23. thanks for the information!how can i participate in one of the interviews?

  24. Certainly sounds like something that i would be interested in. Thank you for the links Karen.

  25. I think we should follow MIT plan to transform all lessons in video format. Video coaching is the new way to make school more flexible and interesting for student of all ages. Especially adolescent.

  26. Hope that some initiative can put to work some decent education/technology project like the OLPC, which gave birth to the Netbooks category of devices.

  27. Thanks for the update! Is there anyway in which I can download your podcast?

  28. This sounds really interesting! How to I get to join Talk2Cisco? And thanks for posting this to our attention!

  29. I will be glad to join the conversation that would be an interesting topic. May I know how to join at Talk2Cisco?

  30. Stephen, You can follow Talk2Cisco on Twitter @Talk2Cisco to keep up on the latest broadcasts. You can also visit our UStream channel to watch past shows: