Talk2Cisco Recap: Work Life Redesign – What You Need to Know

March 17, 2011 - 3 Comments

New World, New Tools, New Approach

“Embrace change, experiment and leverage,” says Carlos Dominguez Senior Vice President at Cisco, in order for you and your business to stay relevant. In the latest episode of Talk2Cisco Carlos is joined by Lance Perry, Vice President of Information Technology at Cisco. In this information packed, lively discussion, Carlos and Lance talk about how to incorporate new technologies into your everyday work flow. Both share personal experiences around how and why new tools have changed their lives for the better.

Below are a few of the highlights from the broadcast. Feel free to post a question for Carlos or Lance…I’ll be sure they get it. Or you can reach out to Carlos directly on Twitter @carlosdominguez.

Talk2Cisco Recap: Work Life Redesign – What You Need to Know

2:09    The benefits of new tools

8:27    Adoption of new technologies

12:45  Making the cultural shift

22:53  Moving away from email

30:05 Closing thoughts on making new technology work for you

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  1. Greatly enjoyed the discussion of technology (and twitter) at New York Life today; and decided to follow these comments.

    Will save this link for later.

  2. I think embracing technology rather than being afraid of it is half the battle. People get hung up on technology as the end itself, rather than the means to an end, meaning they actually end up working harder rather than smarter.

  3. Of course adoption of new technologies have made life easier. Even if we don’t feel the use of new tools are getting in our lifestyle automatically. But I am thinking where this tech growth will take us. Are we not all getting totally dependent on it…we should also workout the problems it will create for us in future….I think it will become a full fledged subject to get to know the problems which the humans will face with immense tech growth….please put me wise on this.