Talk2Cisco Recap: The Future of Cloud: Demystifying the Hype & Clarifying Reality

March 28, 2011 - 3 Comments

It’s not too late to jump into cloud computing. In fact, the cloud lifecycle is really just beginning, says Lew Tucker, Cisco’s cloud computing chief technology officer.  In the latest episode of Talk2Cisco, Lew explains why the breadth of the cloud will expand far beyond data centers and mobile devices, and why the number and diversity of clouds will increase.  He also addresses the cloud hype and misrepresentations.  As one of the cloud space’s true innovators – at Sun Microsystems,, and now Cisco – Lew’s perspective triggered several discussions, ranging from global adoption and security challenges to the economics driving the technology innovation into a full-blown marketplace.

(1:35) Noteworthy myths about cloud computing
(6:10) Market readiness and economics
(7:45) Momentum in the startup community
(18:31) Security challenges and approaches
(25:03) Channel partners and the cloud

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  1. Hi Neil,
    I was only recently introduced to cloud computing and think it’s an amazing functionality with a lot of potential. I’ll be sure to join the conversation. With technology moving and progressing at the speed of light these days – or so it seems, I am thankful of techies like the folks at Cisco who take the time to keep the rest of us informed and up to date.
    Thanks again,
    Zelda O’Connor
    The Sweet Spot Training Centre, Pickering

  2. I used to think that cloud computing was just another buzzword that I shouldn’t bother to much with. Little did I realize that I was already using some of its many applications for my work. I really learned a lot here.