Talk2Cisco Recap: Social Media and Cyber Security

October 27, 2010 - 4 Comments

How do I keep my personal information, personal online? What are the risks of losing confidential corporate data with so many employees using social media tools in the workplace? What is the best way to keep my family safe online? These questions and many more were answered as part of the latest Talk2Cisco episode; live from the Emergency Operations Center at Cisco headquarters in San Jose, California, featuring Cisco Senior Security Advisor, Christopher Burgess.

Highlights from the broadcast:

4:53        What are the risks of losing corporate data with the prevalence of social media tools in the workplace?

9:23        How is social media transforming the way we do business?

16:15     Are there risks associated with sharing links online?

25:04     How do I keep my family safe online?

October is Cyber Security Awareness and Cisco has a number of resources to keep you, your business and your family safe online.  We also posted the slides from this broadcast on slideshare. Christopher referred to our Social Media Guidelines, feel free to check them out.

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  1. Nice video sharing and i believe one of the ways to keep ourself safe on internet we should do away with any reachable address, phone number and also less pictures of us on social network.
    Thank you and hope to see more of this video in future.

  2. It is always not so bad that we have to keep our personal data so secret. We are ordinary people anyway. However, I think the best way when making friends, join networks, buying and even applying for a job, it is necessary that we know that the network or the online selling website has a good private policy. In this case Google is not always good. Google is good at searching but not good at keeping their users’ profile

  3. Karen,Everyone wanna guide regarding online security and how they are safe in Web world.Excellence way to presentation that should be everyone understand easily.Nice video sharing…

  4. The safest way is to not post what you don’t want others to see. However, the biggest problem is friends taking pictures or videos of you and then posting it somewhere. I doubt too many people have control over that. Any suggestions? The only way I see is to google your name before you apply for a job and and if you see something you don’t like, contact your friend and have them remove it. Not the best way, anyone have a better idea?