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Star Trek Technology is Here

- May 2, 2007 - 1 Comment

Have you ever seen a TV show and said, “wow, that’s really cool technology they’re showing, but it will never be reality?” I’ll be honest. I was never a huge fan of Star Trek, but what I did enjoy, other than Shatner’s fine acting, was the technology. Sure, I watched it from time to time and I enjoyed the movies…especially with Ricardo Montalban as Khan (I kept waiting for him to say, “Welcome to Fantasy Island” or “fine Corinthian leather“)…but I never attended a Star Trek convention or bought vulcan ears or anything like that. captain-kirk.jpgThe technology, however, was supercool. How cool was it to get beamed up? Or talk on your wrist watch? Or go to warp speed? Or talk to a full life size person on a video screen…even if they were Klingon? Well, we can basically talk on a wrist watch now…and the full size person on the video screen is now with us with Cisco’s TelePresence.24” is another television series that many people watch and absolutely love. I’ve actually seen Jack Bauer for President bumper stickers. I must admit I’ve never seen the show…I’m more of a Sopranos and Entourage guy…as well as, of course, The Family Guy. What I do know is that “24” used Cisco’s TelePresence on it this week and I’m sure kids were saying, “wow, that’s really cool, but it will never be reality.” In fact, that technology is reality today. That’s pretty cool.Next from Cisco…teleportation…or, at minimum, now that part of the 580 has collapsed…telecommuting… : )

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  1. Whaouuuu, don't want to be the Network engineer who'll configure the routing for teleportation process ! one error, and we'll have our eyes in our shoes !!Great blog, regards