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Sports and Technology: Cisco in the Boston Globe…

March 9, 2009 - 0 Comments

Traditional versus Modern. Hasn’t that debate raged through just about every aspect of popular culture over the years?Personally, I think the great Motown era of the 60s is a class apart from contemporary pop. And to me, there really was something magical about an era of sports where the leather football could weigh twice as much in wet weather as it did in dry. (Try kicking a fifty yard field goal with a ten pound football!)Anyway, the modern-versus-traditional debate is alive and well and raging in the online pages of the Boston Globe today as a result of a great story written by Shira Springer about fan-facing technology in sports. (Cisco is featured prominently for the cutting-edge technology we’re helping teams such as the New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals add to their stadia.)On one side of the debate, sitting on a wooden bench in the bleachers, a traditionalist argues: “If I want to play/watch a video game, I’ll stay home.”On the other, sitting uncomfortably in his molded plastic seat in the club section, a 6’6” fan says he quite likes the idea of “…ordering food from your seats. No more standing in lines and missing the great play.”Whatever your position in the debate, the Boston Globe story is well worth a read, and Shira’s video (below) of Cisco’s sports demo is well worth a view too.Once you’re done, tell me this: Could you really imagine going back to an era in sports without instant video replays on the big screen?

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