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Securing Your Digital Assets

October 31, 2010 - 3 Comments

Would you leave the windows to your house open? Or the front door wide open? In this weeks vodcast from Cisco ANZ’s Security lead Glenn Wellby, he explores how to recognise vulnerabilities on your network that are akin to leaving your house open for burglars.

With the amount of mobile devices, smart phones, blackberries, iPads and tablets that are connected to the network these days, stock standard firewalls and antivirus are often just not enough to thoroughly protect your digital assets.

Glenn explains that a sound security strategy for the network is very similar to how you protect your most valuable physical assets. So how do you replicate this for your most valuable digital assets?

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  1. Securing digital assets is one major concerns nowadays. Since the release of all sorts of mobile phones, PDAs, and the like, more people are attracted to showcase their hacking skills by exploiting these devices' weaknesses.

  2. It's not just our own network's security we should worry about, we should be mindful of our security while using other people's network. Firesheep ( ) is a firefox addon that sniffs username and passwords of people connected to wifi accessing popular sites such as facebook, twitter etc.

  3. it is indeed necessary, for the sake of security and personal satisfaction.