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Second Life Meets Real Life: The future of conferences?

February 20, 2007 - 0 Comments

I’ve seen more and more talk about the unconference -how conferences are moving from just structured schedules to a free-flow of ideas. Now, the Santa Fe Institute -with Cisco’s co-hosting and help -is holding a Real Life / Second Life event on Synthetic Environments and the Enterprise on Tuesday, Feb. 20.What does this mean? Cisco is hosting the event at both Techmart and in Second Life -at two amphitheaters, here and here. This event is a marriage of how the real world is being influenced by online, virtual worlds and how the economies of both are influencing decisions.Entertainment has always driven technology and technology adoption, particularly for new media, but the two disparate groups are melding into one. Think about it. In the past, YouTube and video podcasts would have just been online videos, but now there are stars being made online, such as Amanda Congdon on ABC, and Ze Frank.Well, this stardom and media adoption extends into the online worlds -there are people that are famous in Second Life and World of Warcraft that live their ‘real life’ lives separate from their online, second life. And, businesses are learning how to work in both environments, working the human network in both the real world and second lives.It’s an all-day event -starting at 8.00 AM PST/SLT and ending at 5.00 PM PST/SLT -and some of the speakers will be speaking from Second Life to the real life audience. Come join us -virtually or in real life -to hear people from the Santa Fe Institute, Stanford Media X, Sloan MIT, Eli Lilly and Cisco, among others, speak about the influence of economies on real life and second life.

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