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Scientific Atlanta at CES 2007

January 9, 2007 - 6 Comments

Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, will be much in evidence at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Scientific Atlanta gear will be a key part of The Connected Home, Cisco’s evolving vision to provider consumers at home access to all types of content (premium video, photos, music, data, voice and home video) on televisions, personal computers, cell phones and mobile devices. Scientific Atlanta will also demonstrate Direct to Disc. This product concept will enable consumers to purchase on-demand video, music or software from their service provider and then–using Scientific Atlanta’s DVR with built-in DVD set-top–record the content to a disc.Separable Security Technologies A full suite of products to help enable cable operators to meet the FCC “707” separable security mandate will also be demonstrated at CES 2007. Such products include Scientific Atlanta’s Multi-Stream CableCARD and a range of set-tops, from standard-definition digital-only to dual-tuner high-definition (HD) DVRs.

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  1. Cisco now has an extensive online Support Community to handle your questions and concerns. Please visit the URL - - to reach this Community. Thankyou.

  2. Does anyone know where I can get the software for the dpc2100r2 cable modem? I have everything but that.....I had it all together, and can't seem to locate the cd for it. Im just looking for an online download. Not having any luck here on the site, tho. Thanks!

  3. I need to find my driver

  4. I am on rcn cable also with their modem. i want my own modem. the serviceman could not get the motorola sb5102 to work. He put his own scientific atlanta dpc2100r2 modem in its place. I cannot find a new one anywhere. Can someone give me brands that will work that I can buy new.

  5. 2/28/09I have been using your Webstar modem for a couple of years now. I use it in conjunction with a Dell desktop computer and a broadband package that I subscribe to, with RCN. Recently I purchased Cisco's Linksys router to complement my wife's new wireless laptop.My desktop computer is now tied to the router. The laptop runs without any problems but my desktop computer does experience problems. While accessing the Internet, the desktop computer runs slower and I periodically need to reboot to regain access to the Internet.When I reconnect my desktop computer directly to the Webstar modem, I can run with normal speed and without any need to reboot.My question is this. If I purchased another Webstar modem and used it for my desktop computer only, would this be acceptable? In other words, can I attach two Webstar modems to the broadband cable without experiencing any problems? One modem would be dedicated to my desktop computer and the other modem would be dedicated to the router.Is my idea completely wrong? Should I be reconfiguring my desktop computer in some way so that I can use the router for access to the Internet? If so, what am I supposed to do?

  6. I presume that if I were taking a month-long vacation, you would recommend that I remove power from my modem, which I am using for the high speed internet service of my cable TV company. I also presume that if I were merely adjusting my radio's volume, between downloads on my computer, you would recommend that I leave the modem running.In the vast middle ground, between those two extremes, can you give me some guidelines as to when it's a good idea to power-down my modem. I'm not talking about power consumption; merely about wear and tear on the WebStar DPC2100.